Integration of Software Solutions – Providers and Systems Compared [New White Paper]

Integration Solutions White Paper
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Many of the words we use to describe digital innovations are actually thousands of years old. Integration platforms, for example, are a current tech trend that is becoming more and more important. Integratio, however, is a Latin term. It means something like merger or unification.

In the field of information technology, integration describes how many different systems can be connected with each other in such a way that seamless data exchange becomes possible. Systems exist in all companies, which means that there are not only an enormous number of them, but they have also grown heterogeneously over decades. After all, digitalisation itself is no longer just a trend, but omnipresent.

  • How does modern integration work?
  • What strategies, providers and solutions are there?
  • Which ones are right for whom?

Answers to these questions can be found in our new »Integration Solutions – Providers and Systems Compared« white paper.

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Data-Driven Marketing [New White Paper]

Data-Driven Marketing White Paper
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Yesterday you were browsing an online shop for cat food and today you are seeing Whiskas ads on Instagram? Or maybe you are planning a trip to Saxon Switzerland and your feed is flooded with all-weather jackets as a result? And what about cookies on websites, do you accept or reject them?

All this has something to do with data-driven marketing. These days, you simply cannot do without it. In our new white paper, we show you how you can effectively reach your customers as well.

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Making Hybrid Events Visible: How Messe Erfurt GmbH Increased Its Visibility with the Digital Marketing Audit »dotCheck« – Even Without Face-to-Face Events [Success Story]

Messe Erfurt Success Story dotCheck
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Concerts, sports events, conferences, trade fairs – sounds like dreams of the past? One thing is clear: there is hardly any industry that has been hit as hard by the COVID-19 pandemic as the events industry. However, real business players are always looking for innovative solutions that are also future-proof – for example through hybrid events. Thanks to the dotSource digital marketing team, Messe Erfurt GmbH was able to successfully implement this strategy.

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Marketing Tech Trends 2022: Becoming a Digital Champion with the Right Omnichannel Strategy [5 Reading Tips]

Marketing Tech Reading Tips
Source: Unsplash/Adi Goldstein

Marketing tech. Is it just a buzzword or a promising development? Spoiler: the latter. After all, the term is not that new. MarTech is basically the combination of marketing and technology. It specifically refers to important measures and tools for harnessing technology to achieve marketing goals.

But to what extent can MarTech simplify the work of marketing teams in the future? What role does data-driven marketing play in this regard? And which omnichannel strategy will help you impress customers? Today’s reading tips of the week provide answers to these questions.

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Handelskraft Reading Tips of the Year 2021 [5 Reading Tips]

Handelskraft Reading Tips of the Year 2021
Source: Unsplash/Towfiqu barbhuiya

The year is coming to an end. We have spared neither expense nor effort to compile the most clicked Handelskraft Reading Tips of the year 2021 and link the corresponding articles here.

It was a wild year. It had everything. Stay tuned next year and find out everything you need to know about digital business!

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AI in E-Commerce: More Sales Through Better Customer Experiences? [5 Reading Tips]

AI E-Commerce
Source: Pexels/Tara Winstead

Shopping has to be easy, fast and convenient. Especially online. For a significant proportion of consumers, however, shopping is still more of a chore. The majority of Germans are already satisfied when the products they order arrive at their homes; only about 17 per cent of them expect the online shops they choose to provide satisfying or even enjoyable shopping experiences.

The problem here is that the image of online shops as conveyed by advertising does not always correspond to reality. Fancy interfaces of e-commerce vendors are often deceptive and lead to around 52 per cent of consumers being disappointed by the actual service of the shops. E-commerce vendors should see these dissatisfactions as an opportunity to exceed the expectations of their customers with reasonable measures.

Artificial intelligence can help improve shopping experiences in e-commerce and boost sales. But how exactly?

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NFTs and the Future of E-Commerce [5 Reading Tips]

NFT Bitcoin
Source: Unsplash/Joshua Fernandez

Everyone is talking about them at the moment: NFTs. The new trend on the Internet. They completely redefine digital ownership and are already being talked about as a revolution in the art world. But are these tokens really revolutionary or just a speculative bubble? And what role will they play in e-commerce? Today’s reading tips of the week provide answers to these questions.

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Spryker and dotSource Announce Partnership [5 Reading Tips]

Spryker E-Commerce dotSource
Source: Spryker/dotSource

In a world of almost endless device diversity and at the same time increasing complexity of customer demands and behaviour, it is becoming more and more tricky for companies to find the right shop system. The Berlin-based start-up Spryker offers a solution for handling and implementing different channels.

It enables companies to reach their customers via all current and future digital touchpoints: desktop shop app, mobile shop app, IoT scenarios, blockchain technology as well as bot and voice integrations.

We are delighted to announce that Spryker is now a partner of dotSource. How did this come about?

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Pinterest: What Are the Benefits of the New Forms of Advertising? [5 Reading Tips]

Pinterest Shopping
Source: Unsplash/Souvik Banerjee

It is well known that the photo platform Pinterest is no longer strictly about inspirational content, but also about directly purchasing the products displayed. In spring 2021, Pinterest expanded its cooperation with Shopify to an international level, followed in June by the launch of shopping features in Germany and other countries. Now, the platform has announced several more e-commerce updates.

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»Migration in E-Business« – Options, Tips and Opportunities for Migrating Systems [New White Paper]

Migration in E-Business Whitepaper
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Applied for a new electricity and gas connection? Told everyone about your new address? Packed countless boxes? What we are talking about? About moving. It may be exhausting, but it is often the right step towards a better life with more opportunities for development.

In IT, it is pretty much the same: migrations often work wonders here as well. There are certainly things that need to be optimised: the e-commerce system is outdated and will even have security gaps soon – or it is no longer able to meet the requirements because it is too slow and not scalable enough.

Migrations are usually more than a version change, an update. Migrations offer the opportunity to significantly improve processes and enhance features. But how?

In our new »Migration in E-Business – Reasons, Opportunities & Best Practices for System Migration« white paper, we take an in-depth look at the reasons for migrations and show ways to identify migration needs at an early stage, make excellent plans and master migrations successfully. In any case, migration is a topic that no company can avoid.

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