Data-Driven Marketing [New White Paper]

Data-Driven Marketing White Paper
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Yesterday you were browsing an online shop for cat food and today you are seeing Whiskas ads on Instagram? Or maybe you are planning a trip to Saxon Switzerland and your feed is flooded with all-weather jackets as a result? And what about cookies on websites, do you accept or reject them?

All this has something to do with data-driven marketing. These days, you simply cannot do without it. In our new white paper, we show you how you can effectively reach your customers as well.

Data-Driven Marketing Is Everywhere

The more personal and targeted companies address their customers, the more promising their communication will be. The better companies understand their customers and know what drives them, the more efficiently they can address them.

It is nothing new that companies already gather vast amounts of data about their customers. However, in order to obtain relevant information about their behaviour and surfing habits, companies need to know what to do with the data. Orderliness is next to godliness. That is also true in this context.

CRM, ERP and business intelligence solutions, for example, store demographic and geographic data as well as behavioural patterns of (new) customers. However, many companies still do not use this information to implement specific marketing measures.

Use Data-Driven Marketing for Your Company

The goal of data-driven marketing is always to increase your customers’ satisfaction and boost your business success by doing so. This is achieved, for example, when (potential) customers perceive the relevance of your content as positive – or when they accept the communication on social media platforms, i.e. the small safe space area created for each user, and do not find it disturbing. In other words: campaigns are personalised to a greater extent.

In order to enable comprehensive data-driven marketing, all customer journey touchpoints must be identified and analysed. This includes first and foremost the activity on your company’s websites and online shops, but also the behaviour of users on social media and other websites.

In our new white paper, we show you how you can harness data-driven marketing for your own benefit. Here are some of the questions it answers:

  • How can you make marketing decisions based on data?
  • How does your company benefit from existing data?
  • How data-driven does your company work?
  • What are the advantages of data over gut feelings?
  • How do you even create a fundamental data set?

Do not hesitate, just download it!

Data-Driven Marketing: Download the White Paper for Free Now!

Data-Driven Marketing White Paper

In our brand new white paper, we show you why and how data can both simplify and improve your company’s marketing decisions. Acting in a data-driven manner – saving time and money.

Curious? Exclusively for retailers, manufacturers and publishers, the brand new white paper on the trending topic of data-driven marketing can be downloaded for free here.

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