System Integration for Medium-Sized Companies: Advantages of the Magic xpi Integration Platform [5 Reading Tips]

System Integration Magic xpi Integration Platform
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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, medium-sized companies have encountered quite a lot of problems. Using a mix of different software solutions to digitise marketing, sales, services and internal business processes is almost standard these days. However, when data exchange becomes inefficient and data gaps occur, system integration is the only solution. Various systems must interact efficiently and flexibly in a matter of seconds to provide data. To ensure this, you have to weigh up whether integrating system components is enough or whether a new comprehensive solution is required. Today, we take a closer look at one particular solution.

System Integration with Our New Partner Magic

In order to provide even better system integration support, especially to our medium-sized clients, we have brought a new competent partner on board: the Israeli software company Magic Software

The Magic xpi integration platform is aimed precisely at these companies and uses interfaces to enable efficient interaction between different digital solutions in order to make full use of their potential.

Both cloud-based solutions and on-premise systems as well as hybrid software are supported. Data sovereignty remains with the company itself so that all data protection and compliance requirements can continue to be met.

With the Magic xpi integration platform, we can set up a customised system landscape at a reasonable price, especially for medium-sized companies. Magic xpi sees itself as a no-code platform. After in-depth training, your expert staff will be able to use it without any programming knowledge at all.

The strategic partnership with the Israeli software company provides added value for dotSource. It expands our product portfolio in terms of platform integration for existing and new clients from the SME sector.

As a certified Magic partner, we support your company in integration projects – from consulting, concept creation and component configuration to interface management with Magic xpi. We often use Magic xpi in combination with other long-standing partners, such as Salesforce or SAP.

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