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In a world of almost endless device diversity and at the same time increasing complexity of customer demands and behaviour, it is becoming more and more tricky for companies to find the right shop system. The Berlin-based start-up Spryker offers a solution for handling and implementing different channels.

It enables companies to reach their customers via all current and future digital touchpoints: desktop shop app, mobile shop app, IoT scenarios, blockchain technology as well as bot and voice integrations.

We are delighted to announce that Spryker is now a partner of dotSource. How did this come about?

Spryker and dotSource: Strong Together in E-Commerce

Yes, how did this come about? And since when have the two companies been partners?

It all took shape at the B2B DMC 2021. At the start of the Spryker-sponsored masterclass on »Business Building & Business Transformation«, dotSource’s Oliver Kling, who hosted the event, and Spryker’s Yara Molthan announced the partnership between the digital agency and the agile provider of cloud-based e-commerce software. At the online conference hosted by dotSource, Spryker had previously only been featured as an external partner of the B2B platform warenausgang.com. Now, dotSource and Spryker have entered into a partnership in the field of e-commerce.

But what exactly is Spryker and what is their vision?

The Berlin-based start-up enables companies to build sophisticated transactional business models in unified commerce. The PaaS-based commerce platform, which makes it possible to flexibly integrate various API-based components, is suitable for B2C, B2B and enterprise marketplace business models, making it a valuable addition to dotSource’s most traditional field of services: e-commerce.

This is what Christian Grötsch, founder and managing director at dotSource, comments on the partnership:

» As a digital agency with an agnostic approach and the goal of implementing innovative e-commerce projects for our clients, there is no getting around Spryker’s agile approach. That is why we are delighted to count them among our partners! «

Spryker: Modular, Dynamic, Scalable

Central to Spryker’s e-commerce approach is the concept of »composable commerce«, which takes into account the enormous dynamics in e-business. Instead of using inflexible, monolithic solutions, great importance is attached to flexibility, customisation and scalability – always up to date and oriented towards customer and market requirements. Based on the modular principle, a wide range of API-based modules and individual software packages can be combined to meet company-specific needs.

Here is an overview of some of the features:

  • Through modularity and scalability, Spryker provides individual solutions for every company so that they can map their own business processes and grow flexibly with the system
  • The replacement of cumbersome, monolithic systems ensures dynamism and reduces costs
  • Fast time to market thanks to more than 800 API-based modules
  • Agility and continuous development with shorter development cycles thanks to headless commerce system

Spryker solutions have empowered over 150 companies to manage transactions in more than 200 countries worldwide. Spryker is trusted by brands such as Toyota, Siemens, Hilti and Ricoh.

We are glad to have Spryker at our side as a strong partner in e-commerce and look forward to working together.

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