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Our Profile:

Handelskraft has been around since 2007 and is one of the leading German e-commerce and online marketing blogs.

All our authors work for the Jena-based digital agency dotSource. Based on their professional experience, they can comment on current developments in the digitalisation of marketing, sales, and services. We give you a look at all the opportunities that come with digital transformation.

We are not among bloggers who post at a high frequency, spreading all news, hype, and rumours unfiltered. We want to

  • analyse main industry issues
  • summarise large topics
  • illuminate these large topics from a new perspective
  • create a creative space for new ideas
  • engage in dialogue with our readers

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We announce your events. Our services:

  • announcement in blog and on Social Media
  • announcement in the newsroom of dotSource GmbH
  • banner implementation on our blog
  • games and sweepstakes ticket
  • follow-up report

We look forward to hearing from you!

Our readership:

Our readers are normally IT savvy and young to middle-aged people who have an interest in the topics: e-commerce, the internet, and online marketing, or who work in these areas. With numerous blog and online editors we also reach important multiplicators.

The Handelskraft readership is almost even distributed, with 45 percent female and 55 percent male readers who are between 16 and 50 years old, and work in or are interested in entering the area of e-commerce.

Handelskraft in numbers:

Handelskraft entered the world in January 2007 and can show a steady growth in readership since then. Over 3,300 entries have so far appeared and the blog has over 5,400 feed readers.

Online since: 26.01.2007
Entries (total): 3,397 (as of 01.01.2018)
Comments (total): 3,860 (as of 01.01.2018)
RSS feed readers: 5,441 (as of 01.01.2018)
Twitter followers: 4,132 (as of 01.01.2018)
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