New white paper: »Content Commerce. Strengthen Your Brand with a Valuable CMS and Shop System Content.«

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Anyone who wants to stand out as a retailer or brand from what the rest of the competition has to offer more than just a large selection of products for customers. Meaningful information and interesting content around the product offer customers real added value. So the trend’s content commerce. Which sounds like exactly what it is, a seamless way to use useful content to sell products in an up-close shopping experience. That’s the theory. But what does that really mean? How can brands use content commerce for themselves? And what kinds of products and tech do you need to see it all through? These questions will be answered in our new white paper »Content Commerce. Strengthen Your Brand With a Valuable CMS and Shop System Content« using real examples.

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Omnichannel is driving the digital luxury industry [5 reading tips]

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Digitisation is catching on in more and more industries, not excluding unusual areas such as agriculture, professional football, and exclusive boutiques. Even luxury goods can be marketed on the Internet without losing their essence. What’s more, it’s about being able to and not can do, because the millennials are definitely here.

Also, the continued growth of online pure-player luxury retailers such as Yoox Net-a-Porter, and Farfetch has shown that affluent consumers are quite ready to buy luxury goods online.

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