Content Management with TYPO3: How Pacovis Uses TYPO3 to Showcase Its Sustainable Products [Success Story]

Content Management with TYPO3: How Pacovis Uses TYPO3 to Showcase Its Sustainable Products
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Sustainability has become a purchasing criterion for 80% of consumers worldwide. For companies, it is no longer just a moral end in itself, but also a crucial factor to ensure customer loyalty and a positive brand image – and thus a driver of long-term success. In 2003, long before plastic avoidance became mainstream, the Swiss family business Pacovis had already focused on a sustainable range of packaging materials and disposable tableware with its own brand naturesse.

With a new TYPO3-based website, Pacovis now makes this image visible to the outside world – and lays the foundation for successful content commerce in B2B by doing so!

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Brand Experience in the Energy Industry: TEAG Thüringer Energie AG Opts for Multi-Stream Project to Create a Strong Brand Identity [Success Story]

Brand Experience Energy Industry TEAG Multi-Stream Project
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Electricity, gas, heating – for many people, these words probably evoke unpleasant associations such as »bill« or »ancillary costs«. The brand new success story of our client TEAG Thüringer Energie AG shows that this does not have to be the case. Together with the dotSource UXD and digital marketing experts, the company further developed its brand identity. How did the energy supplier manage this nationwide brand campaign? And what on earth does a fluffy teddy bear have to do with it?

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Cloud Services: Agile Digital Solutions for Agile Companies [Best Practice]

Cloud Services Best Practice
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Whether it is our client myAGRAR relying on Microsoft Azure as a cloud service provider for its B2B and B2C multi-client platform, the long-established company TROX from the Lower Rhine region moving towards an agile future with Amazon Web Services or BayWa AG placing its trust in Germany’s leading multi-cloud data service provider plusserver – in our new »Best Practices« publication, we show you that the right cloud services strategy is the basis for a company’s digital success.

Companies such as Mövenpick Wein Schweiz AG and PRECITOOL, a joint venture of various European companies in the field of tool logistics, also benefit from a service portfolio that ranges from initial consulting to 24/7 support.

Find out in this concise article how

    • modern cloud services consulting helps to evaluate existing IT architectures and supports companies in developing an innovative data strategy
    • exactly data is migrated to the cloud
    • modern DevOps strategies have a positive impact on corporate culture
    • monitoring, deployment, test cycles as well as backup automation and continuous improvement should be put into practice nowadays
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»Artificial Intelligence« – 25 Use Cases to Succeed with AI [New White Paper]

Artificial Intelligence White Paper
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Research on this topic was conducted decades ago, but it is only today that everyone is talking about it: artificial intelligence (AI). But what is AI – and what is it not?

» Artificial intelligence seeks to make computers do the sorts of things minds can do. «

Margaret Ann Boden

This definition of AI by the famous neuroscientist, who has been conducting research in Oxford since the 1970s, is taken from her book »Artificial Intelligence: A Very Short Introduction« and sounds rather simple. However, it basically hits the nail on the head: AI is a collective term for the wide field that seeks to enable machines to achieve human intelligence levels. This requires targeted training. In our new white paper, we show you how diverse AI projects are. After all, information processing and decision-making processes of living beings are extremely complex.

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UX Design in B2B with a Future: Leipziger Messe Relies on Living Style Guide to Optimise More Than Just Its Website [Success Story]

Leipziger Messe Success Story
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Whether it is the »Touristik & Caravaning« fair for travel enthusiasts, the »modell-hobby-spiel« fair for children of all ages or the traditional book fair in spring: Leipziger Messe offers a wide variety of popular events. In order to make the website of Leipziger Messe even more visually appealing and modern, the dotSource user experience design team was brought on board.

The highlight is that the elements of the new design can be used not only for the website of Leipziger Messe, but also for different events – in line with the respective corporate identity (CI). The result is an all-round consistent and user-friendly online presence.

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Sweet Sixteen: dotSource Celebrates 16 Years of Digital Success Right from the Start

Sweet Sixteen dotSource Celebrates 16 Years
Source: Unsplash/Tyler Delgado, edited by dotSource

Super sweet sixteen. Finally! Rounding up from now on ? Besides the 14th birthday, which officially marks the start of the teenage years, the 16th birthday is one that most adolescents probably eagerly look forward to as well. You can do more. You are allowed to do more. But you also have to do more. The dotSource teenager is no exception! Congratulations and welcome to the in-between.

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Salesforce Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud in the Tourism Industry: Making Individual Dream Holidays Come True with Berge & Meer [Success Story]

Berge & Meer Salesforce Service Marketing Cloud Success Story
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Long beaches, plunging waterfalls, high mountains, exotic weekly markets – those plagued by wanderlust are looking for their dream holiday. The direct tour operator Berge & Meer has been making customers’ dream holidays come true for more than 40 years. The company from the Westerwald region offers high-quality round trips, adventure tours, combination trips and cruises all over the world.

In order to stand out from the competition with such offers, a targeted customer approach is required. Berge & Meer approached Salesforce with the request to expand and optimise its digital customer relationships. Salesforce then turned to dotSource to jointly implement Salesforce Service Cloud as the company’s new customer relationship management system and Salesforce Marketing Cloud for marketing automation.

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Sustainable Business Is Digital Business: How to Make Your Website Climate Neutral [5 Reading Tips]

Sustainable Business Reading Tips
Source: Pexels/Teona Swift

Products made from sustainable materials, fair supply chains and environmentally friendly shipping processes are crucial factors for customers when making purchasing decisions. What started as a selling point is now firmly anchored in the corporate philosophy of many companies and is increasingly being taken for granted.

Even small changes in everyday business can save resources and reduce emissions. From waste separation and climate-neutral shipping to investing in climate protection projects – there are many different measures.

Since it is mainly our daily data transfer that consumes vast amounts of electricity, offsetting the CO2 emissions of one’s own corporate website is an essential step in the right direction.

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High Return Rates = Bad Grades – For Your Product Data Quality and Environmental Protection: Doing It Better with Akeneo PIM [5 Reading Tips]

Return Rates Product Data Quality Akeneo PIM
Source: Unsplash/Charles Deluvio, edited by dotSource

Returns are a vexed subject – from several perspectives. They do not increase customer satisfaction, they do not boost online retailers’ sales and they certainly do not improve the carbon footprint of companies. With the PIM system of our partner Akeneo, you can tackle these three aspects – with little effort, but big impact!

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