Motion Design as a Success Factor: 6 Tips on How to Improve the Usability and User Experience of Your Digital Products with Web Animation

Motion Design Header
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We all know them. The funny little images or memes that move. The ones we like to send each other via Microsoft Teams to express our mood as accurately as possible.

An excellent tool to convey a message without too many words. And somehow, it works even better when the content is animated than when it is static. One could say: a picture is worth a thousand words – and an animation is worth a thousand pictures.

These GIFs are a great gimmick. So great that Teams added a separate button to the chat toolbar for them. But seriously, this form of communication is not wildly successful for no reason.

There are several good arguments for the use of GIFs, which can add value to your business even outside of chat messages. And there is no need to limit ourselves to GIFs, which is probably the most well-known, but only one of many common formats for displaying moving content on the web.

Instead, this article will focus on the general use of motion design in the digital context and show you how you can leverage it to optimise user experience, usability and your brand identity. But let us start from the beginning.

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Resilience Is a Question of Leadership: 13 Tips on How to Benefit from a Modern Leadership Culture

Modern Leadership at dotSource SE
Modern Leadership at dotSource SE

» Employees do not leave jobs, they leave managers. «

Dr. Travis Bradberry, author and expert on emotional intelligence

Dissatisfaction at work adds fuel to the fire that companies have been trying to put out for years: a shortage of skilled labour.

One of the main reasons people leave their companies is the relationship to their managers. Although laying all the blame on one person or one group of people may seem like the easy way out, the fact that more and more employees are quietly or actually quitting should incentivise those in leadership roles to reflect on their leadership style.

The figures published in Gallup’s Engagement Index confirm this:

  • 61% of German employees will no longer be with their current employer in three years
  • By way of comparison, only 35% of employees could imagine changing jobs within 3 years in 2018
  • Quiet quitting has also increased exponentially: 87% of employees are not emotionally attached to their place of work – a fact that costs the German economy between 118.1 and 151.1 billion euros every year

How can the management level actively

  • ensure that employee satisfaction is established as a top priority of New Work in the company?
  • contribute to improving employee satisfaction themselves?
  • reduce the number of resignations?
  • make work in the company attractive to new talent?
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KPIs in Digital Business: 5 Tips to Make Your Success Measurable

KPIs for Digital Business Success
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Data is abundant in the digital world. Companies gather, store and hoard it, but only a few really know how to use it. However, the right figures can be indispensable in helping you accurately assess your performance and uncover optimisation potential. What do you need to achieve this?

The right key performance indicators (KPIs)! Combined with the right strategy, these allow you to measure progress in your business processes and adjust your activities in accordance with your goals.

Find out in today’s article which KPIs play an important role in digital business and how you can strategically use them for your company!

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User Research: How a User-Oriented Approach Contributes to Business Success

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Without a solid foundation, even the most spectacular house will be of no use to you. It is the same with your design and development processes. Cool features and an exciting design are not effective if the users of your website expect something different. This is where user research projects come in, helping you get to know your users better and thereby creating a strong basis for all your digital endeavours.

Find out in today’s Handelskraft article how to pave the way for a real customer-oriented approach and which methods can help you in the process.

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MACH Alliance: For More Success in E-Commerce

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What makes a digital agency successful? The service portfolio? The know-how? The expertise? The references? Yes, these things are important. But above all: The people and how they work together. Whether within their teams, with clients or with partners.

Successful digital agencies build on strong partnerships. By people. With know-how. With expertise. Which is why we are all the more excited to be able to strengthen our position in the area of partnerships as of today. Effective immediately, dotSource is an official partner of the MACH Alliance. A large step for us, and a (further) large benefit for our clients.

Learn more about which benefits these are and what is behind the MACH Alliance in today’s Handelskraft article.

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Multi-Stream Project Management: Driving Digital Transformation with Simultaneous Projects

Multi-Stream Project Management: Driving Digital Transformation with Simultaneous Projects
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If you want your company to become a digital pioneer, just having an online shop or being active on social media is no longer enough. Great digital offers are much more complex!

It starts with a suitable IT system architecture to ensure that your company’s processes are as efficient as possible and encompasses everything up to an appealing design across all your channels.

This will probably lead to your company tackling multiple digital projects at once to perfectly keep up with the ever-changing world of e-business. However, managing several projects comes with its own challenges.

That is exactly why dotSource has developed the »Multi-Stream Project Management« framework. It makes this job a lot easier and lets you optimally utilise the synergies between projects.

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SEO and Digital Accessibility: Three Good Reasons to Optimise Your Website

SEO and Digital Accessibility: Three Good Reasons to Optimise Your Website
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Are SEO and digital accessibility compatible with each other? Absolutely – it’s a match! Your website is going to love this pairing.

Most of you know that optimising your website for search engines is important. But one point that is often overlooked is the reduction of barriers for everyone. Seriously – everyone.

The brilliant thing about the interplay of digital accessibility and SEO is the emerging synergy effects. An accessible website has a positive effect on user experience, which in turn reflects positively in search engine rankings.

With the following three examples, we will show you how the combination of SEO and digital accessibility can boost your website to the top of the search results.

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Lead Generation Through Marketing Automation: How Marketing Intelligence by Salesforce Can Help You Generate High-Quality Leads

Lead Generation Through Marketing Automation Handelskraft
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A brand is only as strong as its marketing. That is a fact. And marketing is only as strong as its team. But what makes a strong marketing team? What qualities does a perfect marketer need? Creativity? Communication skills? Stylistic confidence? Research skills? Multimedia literacy? An understanding of channels? Of trends? Analytical skills? Tool expertise? Agility?

Any of these and preferably all of them together. Nothing is impossible, to quote one of the most famous marketing slogans.

By the way: according to the Global Marketing Report, creativity is the top skill! We will come back to that later.

So how can it be achieved? This strong marketing that makes brands successful? One answer is certain: by using digital solutions. And that is what we will focus on today: marketing automation in general and marketing intelligence by Salesforce in particular.

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Metadata Management – 5 Important Criteria to Consider When Selecting Your System

Metadata Management Handelskraft
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In digitalised companies, the volume of data is reaching new heights. The amount of data from systems such as ERP, CRM or PIM tools is growing rapidly. How do you keep track of all this data?

»Metadata management system« is the name of the tool that supports companies in this regard. The prefix »meta« already indicates that the switch to a higher, more abstract level provides a better overview.

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Online Shop Optimisation and CMS Selection: Villeroy & Boch Creates the Basis for Modern Content Commerce Strategy [Success Story]

Online Shop Optimisation
Download the Villeroy & Boch Success Story for free now!

If you want to be seen and liked, you must stand out positively. This is valid both in the real world and in digital business. Online shops that have an attractive and target-group-oriented design as well as a pleasant customer journey are more likely to be remembered.

Accordingly, the manufacturer of ceramics and porcelain products Villeroy & Boch wanted to not only modernise its online shop, but also turn its product world into a digital experience. Our new success story explains how this was accomplished.

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