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How are we going to get around in 20 years? A look at the future – Mobility in 2038

Posted on 2. August 2018 by .

Source: Pexels

Ever since the latest diesel controversy from German automakers, the future of mobility keeps being discussed. But slowly it’s becoming clear: Cars will be electric and have artificial intelligence controlling them. Let’s take a bold look in the future and let our imagination run wild.


Visual recognition – Our world from AI’s point of view

Posted on 18. July 2018 by .
Bilder an der Wand

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We develop our vision in the womb. However, after we see daylight, we can only partially perceive our environment. Recognising shades of colour, focussing on objects, and depth perception are a big challenge for small people, as babies are physiologically premature at birth compared to all other mammals. But after about eight months we’ve done it: Our eyesight now resembles that of an adult. In the labs of the future, the development of the vision of an AI has been going on for quite some time. Current systems are already achieving remarkable results.


From the royal navy to Ikea – Augmented reality’s wide range

Posted on 12. July 2018 by .

dotsourc emooswand, liegestuhl augmented
Augmented reality can do more than hide a Pokémon. It enables users to see exciting things that don’t actually exist. A computer-aided expansion of reality will affect our daily lives more and more (and!) make them even easier. Already one or two pioneering companies are relying on AR and are developing exciting products for everyday use cases.


Limitless social commerce – Facebook and Instagram await you with new shopping tools

Posted on 5. July 2018 by .
Instagram Foto von Brücke im Wald

Source: pexels

A lot of people think »Dang that looks cool!« when they’re looking at photos on Instagram or Pinterest. But until recently, it took a little research – or at least some work – to find and buy the products you saw. As of a few weeks ago, that’s a thing of the past. The “shop-the-look” function for various social channels has an enormous popularity with consumers and Social Commerce has become the norm within a very short time. But as always when a hype arises, so does the question: Is there more to it? Before we could even think about whether to expect something new again. The answer is not surprising, as commercial features on Facebook and Instagram continue to evolve. Each social commerce update awakens desires, desires that become routine within a very short time.


Digital twin: Virtual industrial facilities as a superlative for the optimisation of marketing, distribution, and services

Posted on 28. June 2018 by .
junge Frau mit Handyreihe als Spiegel

Source: pixabay

The digital transformation constantly enriches us with new buzzwords and challenges. Internet of things, okay. Digital twin, wait, what? What’s behind future concepts? Are they really as revolutionary as they seem?

Digital twin means much more than the mere virtual representation of a physical product. With the help of the digital twin, not only the physical elements but also the dynamics and processes behind them can be virtually mirrored. The benefits of this virtual representative cast a promising light on the horizon of new work.


Can you reach goals faster and cheaper with agile project management?

Posted on 21. June 2018 by .


When talking about project management, the phrase »agility« cannot be ignored. A quick look at Meriam Webster gives »agilie« the following definition: “Marked by ready ability to move with quick easy grace.”

Consequently, the lean philosophy behind agile project management promises a flexible way of working away from the rigid system of the waterfall model. Of course flexibility sounds great Nevertheless, there are also some risks behind the modern way of working. In the end, the crucial management question arises: Can you reach goals faster and cheaper with agile methods?


This is how it works in Switzerland: DCC Zurich [Recap]

Posted on 31. May 2018 by .
dcc welcome blau

Source: #DcomZH

E-Commerce, Generation Z, and the future of marketplaces were all at the centre of attention at the Connect – Digital Commerce Conference on 23 May in Zurich this year. The conference “for exchanging experiences” is typically Swiss, totally neutral. The goal? Learn from others and not be sold a single idea for success!


SAP – The twelfth man in the club

Posted on 24. May 2018 by .
Torhüter Fussball

Source: pexels

Football and digitisation: For most, this means a controversial video referee from Cologne or goalkeeping technology. But a digital transformation is taking place in many areas, on the turf and next to the field. Since 2014, the world’s most popular sports club and the largest European software manufacturer have formed the perfect team from storefronts into the roof of the net. Together with SAP, FC Bayern Munich is trying to digitise every corner of their club and to take advantage of big data.


New blogger on board

Posted on 15. May 2018 by .


Hi there,

I’m Franziska Kunz and I’ve been a part of the Handelskraft team as a new blogger since April 2018. Together with Oli, Sara, and Nico, I explore digital trends to keep our content creation pipeline on track.


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