Partner business is people business – dotSource is Stibo’s »Rising Star of the Year«

Partner Business Award Stibo Connect 2019
StiboSystems gives dotSource the »Rising Star Award 2019«

Digital business is people business. And if you want to be successful in digital business, you need people around you who share the spirit, who (gladly) do a good job, who are open to ideas and new ways. These people, who develop and design for other people, include not only a company’s employees but also strong and trustworthy partners, without whom the sustainable creation of digital customer relations wouldn’t be possible. We feel this every day and are all the more pleased that we have not just been able to expand our partner network in recent years, but also that our partners appreciate the cooperation with us. Just like the MDM solutions specialist StiboSystems, which distinguished us as the »Rising Star of the Year«. Thank you, StiboSystems. We’re still blown away.

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dotSource awarded »Agency of the Year« 2019

Agency of the Year 2019 Award
Source: dotSource GmbH

Wow! On Tuesday we were awarded the 2019 E-commerce Germany Award in the »Best Agency« category. We can now call ourselves »Agency of the Year«. We’re so unbelievably excited that even some happy tears were shed and we couldn’t be prouder.

Even if it seems trite and sounds like an award phrase, we owe this award to our satisfied clients, great partners, and last but not least 250 tirelessly digital employees. Being Agency of the Year is nothing short of an exorbitantly great community effort. Oh, yes!

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