Happy Birthday, Handelskraft: 16 Years of Digital Champions League

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Some have experienced more at the age of 16 than others have in a lifetime. Our blog definitely falls into the first category.

The last year alone has once again shown what can be achieved on the brink of adulthood – in other words: how the team behind Handelskraft takes it up a notch every year and not only transforms companies into digital champions, but has long reached the Champions League itself.

Time to celebrate and look back at 60 blog articles, the tenth trend book, two outstanding conferences and other exciting content formats. Cheers to 16 years of Handelskraft and to yet another year filled with digital trends.

Happy Birthday, Handelskraft: Trends for All Senses

Digital champions are resilient. That is why – despite all the challenges along the way – the seventh Handelskraft Conference turned out to be a major success. In fact, the event was so successful that we received two awards for it. At the German Agency Award, we won in the »B2B / Event [Digital]« category – and the jury of the Annual Multimedia Award presented our conference with silver, placing it among the top 3 digital events. You can probably imagine how proud this makes us!

We were also able to impress the movers and shakers of digital business with our fourth B2B Digital Masters Convention. The slogan of the 2022 conference – »Sustainable. Digital. Management.« – was at least as exciting as it was relevant.

Of course, inspiration and news about the Handelskraft universe were also available on the Handelskraft blog itself. From the selection of the right PIM system and user-centred digital strategies to buzzwords like conversational commerce – there were plenty of insights, facts and helpful tips for your business.

Happy Birthday, Handelskraft: So Many Publications, So Little Time

12 success stories, including FUJIFILM, SEAT, Angst+Pfister and TEAG, provide insights into successful digital projects for various industries.

Four »Best Practices« publications provide further guidance regarding relevant topics:

In addition, four new white papers show what different solutions are useful for and which system best suits your company’s requirements:

All in all, that is 20 publications! A round of applause goes out to our publications team.

One publication, however, must not be forgotten: our Handelskraft Trend Book 2022 »Digital Champions«. Not only did it stand out with its completely new design, but it also showed companies how they can become digital champions with trends such as data-driven business, hybrid retail and sustainable business models.

Happy Birthday, Handelskraft: Social Media Galore

As is usual at the age of 16, we are also active on various social networks. Those who follow us are definitely dotSource fans. On YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and most recently on Mastodon, we not only share the latest news, but also spread dotSource vibes.

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