»Artificial Intelligence« – 25 Use Cases to Succeed with AI [New White Paper]

Artificial Intelligence White Paper
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Research on this topic was conducted decades ago, but it is only today that everyone is talking about it: artificial intelligence (AI). But what is AI – and what is it not?

» Artificial intelligence seeks to make computers do the sorts of things minds can do. «

Margaret Ann Boden

This definition of AI by the famous neuroscientist, who has been conducting research in Oxford since the 1970s, is taken from her book »Artificial Intelligence: A Very Short Introduction« and sounds rather simple. However, it basically hits the nail on the head: AI is a collective term for the wide field that seeks to enable machines to achieve human intelligence levels. This requires targeted training. In our new white paper, we show you how diverse AI projects are. After all, information processing and decision-making processes of living beings are extremely complex.

Artificial Intelligence: Smart Help for Smart Companies

Accordingly, the white paper at least briefly discusses how AI research has developed since 1945 and what is already part of this exciting field – in a way that is easy to understand. Margaret Ann Boden emphasises one thing right at the beginning of her current book, namely that we have been encountering AI everywhere for a long time now.

That is why we try to answer the question of when AI can offer real added value for companies in a practical rather than a general way. After the introduction, we delve into exciting use cases so that you can draw inspiration from current projects and overcome your reluctance to start an AI project, because according to studies, a certain fear still inhibits most decision-makers from investing in these areas of digitalisation themselves.

Artificial Intelligence: Exciting Projects for an Optimal Experience

Inspiring use cases that demonstrate how intelligent machines can be used to create real added value for customers can already be found in all areas of digital business. With large mobility companies significantly enhancing customer safety with dynamic maintenance management thanks to AI support for their digital experience platforms, and app operators increasing their ROI by more than 700 per cent thanks to intelligent data analytics tools, it is easy to see how relevant AI is these days.

However, AI innovations do not just play an important role when it comes to the vast array of digital experience platforms. In our new white paper, we show you how interesting projects – from start-ups to medium-sized companies and globally operating enterprises – use AI to improve user experience design, optimise online marketing and marketing automation, ensure excellent product and master data management or even revolutionise retail. We also highlight that AI technology is not only used in B2C e-commerce – the B2B sector and brick-and-mortar retail benefit from it as well.

Artificial Intelligence: Providers and Terms at a Glance

Artificial Intelligence White Paper

In order for machines to learn and
tailor-made projects to flourish, companies all over the world make use of the infrastructure of large players.
Our new white paper explains in more detail who the most important players in this field are – from Google, Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure to Adobe Sensei. It also illustrates what bookable services they offer companies and how to optimally benefit from them.

A detailed and at the same time clear glossary rounds the whole thing off. This means that you always have a useful definition of relevant terms such as »Evolutionary Algorithms«, »Natural Language Processing« or »Reinforcement Learning« at hand and can ask your own questions more precisely in the future. Exclusively for retailers, manufacturers and publishers, the white paper can be downloaded for free here.

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