Automotive Online Shop Migration: SEAT Paves the Way for Multi-Client Platform Based on Adobe Commerce [Success Story]

Automotive Online Shop Migration: SEAT Paves the Way for Multi-Client Platform Based on Adobe Commerce
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Whether it is fashion, books, food or technology: online is the way to go – no doubt about it. Of course, automotive companies have also long recognised that their customers no longer (only) go to car dealerships to check out their new dream vehicle or, as die-hard fans, stock up on the matching merchandise of their favourite brand.

In order to make its e-commerce presence more future-proof and to leave the coexistence of different B2B and B2C platforms behind, the renowned car manufacturer SEAT decided to migrate its online shop to Adobe Commerce.

Automotive E-Commerce: SEAT Opts for Adobe

The automotive powerhouse Germany has been one of SEAT’s main target markets for quite some time. Founded in 1986, SEAT Deutschland GmbH has been importing vehicles produced by the Spanish car brand for decades and has been expanding its sales network ever since. In 2018, it also began selling vehicles from the newly created CUPRA brand through this partner network. With more than 100,000 vehicles sold, the Federal Republic of Germany was once again the most important market for SEAT in 2021.

A modern and user-friendly online presence is crucial to the success of a car brand – this is true for both B2B and B2C business. SEAT wanted to migrate from its existing e-commerce software Magento to a newer version in order to remain future-proof. That is why dotSource worked with SEAT to develop a strategy as to how to migrate to Magento 2 / Adobe Commerce as smoothly as possible.

Automotive E-Commerce: Multi-Client Solution for B2B and B2C

SEAT requested that there should no longer be separate shop solutions for B2B and B2C in the future. For this reason, a multi-client system based on Magento 2 / Adobe Commerce was set up for the project and further developments as well as optimisations were fine-tuned. Moreover, dotSource configured the B2C online shop for the up-and-coming CUPRA brand and connected it to the new platform.

In line with the multi-client strategy, SEAT’s B2B online shop will be integrated as well. This way, car dealers collaborating with SEAT will also be able to benefit from the new system in terms of their advertising materials, display stands and various merchandise products.

Automotive PIM: Akeneo for Optimal Data Flow

Every e-commerce presence is only as good as its products – or to be more precise: the product data that is displayed in the online shop. That is why it is common to integrate a PIM tool into the system landscape and to correctly connect it to the e-commerce software.

This was also the case with SEAT: the dotSource team integrated the existing PIM system from Akeneo in order to ensure seamless data exchange. For a smooth overall process, SEAT’s billing and shipping software was also connected to the new e-commerce tool.

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Automotive Online Shop Migration: SEAT Paves the Way for Multi-Client Platform Based on Adobe Commerce

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