Content Commerce for High-Revenue B2B Commerce: Angst+Pfister Opts for Multi-Stream Project with Adobe and Magnolia [Success Story]

Content Commerce for High-Revenue B2B Commerce: Angst+Pfister Opts for Multi-Stream Project with Adobe and Magnolia
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»O-RING Finder« – this has nothing to do with an online dating site, but with modern industry. O-rings are made of plastic and are an important element of sealing technology. The Angst+Pfister Group is a global expert in sealing technology, engineering plastics technology, fluid handling technology and antivibration technology as well as mechanical drive technology, sensors and power technology.

Find out in our new »Angst+Pfister« success story how the Swiss technology company benefits from a modernised B2B online shop and a high-performance content management system – and what the »O-RING Finder« has to do with it.

Content Commerce for Angst+Pfister: Industrial Customers Are Only Humans as Well

Angst+Pfister is a Swiss group that positions itself as an engineering partner for high-performance components. As a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of sophisticated component and engineering solutions, Angst+Pfister serves many B2B customers around the world from its headquarters in Zurich.

Angst+Pfister develops and produces high-tech components that have been available in the company’s own online shop since 2008. However, it is in the nature of things that the orders placed are usually highly individual.

For this reason, the company approached dotSource in 2019 with the request to fundamentally modernise the existing online shop and set up a future-proof e-commerce platform.

Those who want to be well positioned for the future in B2B commerce must tailor the customer journey to what people are used to from B2C. Usability is the top priority here. But which e-commerce system maps complex structures containing the wide product range of industrial companies while also providing a pleasant user experience?

Following the system selection process, Adobe Commerce stood out as the ideal e-commerce solution for Angst+Pfister’s ambitious project to not only migrate the online shop, but completely rebuild it.

The dotSource project team developed, implemented and integrated the system in close coordination with Angst+Pfister. Details on the process and the individual features, such as the »O-RING Finder« for ordering perfect sealing rings, can be found in the success story.

Content and Commerce as a Valuable Source of Information and Inspiration

However, the Swiss company was not only interested in restructuring its e-commerce segment to make it fit for the future. It also wanted to invest in a new content management system (CMS).

A modern CMS is more than just a tool for filling websites with content. It also plays a crucial role in presenting and promoting a company’s products and expertise – even when it comes to special products.

Content and Commerce as Foundations in Industry Retail

Content Commerce for High-Revenue B2B Commerce: Angst+Pfister Opts for Multi-Stream Project with Adobe and Magnolia

Find out in our new »Magnolia and Adobe Commerce in B2B: Content and Commerce for Globally Operating Industrial Company« success story how to

  • benefit from a content management system like Magnolia
  • set up modern B2B commerce and sell highly customised products digitally
  • address content and commerce in the form of a multi-stream project to generate more revenue in the long term

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