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Handelskraft Trend Book Digital Champions Release
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30 per cent more growth, 20 per cent more revenue, 40 per cent lower costs. Sounds good? We think so too! That is why we investigated trends and best practices for you, analysed them and put them together in our brand new Handelskraft Trend Book 2022 »Digital Champions«. Your guide for industry and trade is now available for free download – check out all the tips and management summaries, learn how to integrate digital trends into your business in 2022 and become a digital champion yourself!

Digital Champions: The Trend Book Anniversary

»Trends, Strategien und Potenziale im Everywhere-Commerce« (»Trends, Strategies and Potential in Everywhere Commerce«) is the title of the first trend book. It was already released back in 2013! Almost a decade and nine editions later, a lot has happened – both in digital business and at the trend compass for industry and trade.

The Handelskraft Trend Book 2022 »Digital Champions« is a very special one – for several reasons. It is the 10th Handelskraft Trend Book! It is the first part of a new trilogy and comes with a completely new design. You can expect concise introductions to each chapter, management summaries as well as food for thought and action regarding megatrends such as sustainability, data culture and hybrid retail.

Digital Champions: These Topics and Trends Await You

Marketing Mix of the Future

A market-oriented sales strategy alone is no longer enough in 2022.
Clear marketing goals that take into account ever-changing customer needs, buying habits and digital practices are a prerequisite for change and growth.
Find out in the first chapter

  • how people, process and physical evidence have been added to the traditional pillars of marketing: product, price, place, promotion
  • why you should also continue to develop your marketing plan
  • how you can apply these concepts to future business strategies

Handelskraft Trend Book Digital Champions Release

Becoming a Love Brand

Nowadays, a brand is only successful if it has fans instead of customers.
This is true in both B2B and B2C. Bold companies are once again turning to tried and tested means such as audio branding and print marketing, combining them with voice commerce and live stream events.
In the second chapter, you can find best practices and tips on

  • what branding measures to take to strengthen your brand
  • what technological requirements you need
  • how to benefit from B2C strategies and channels as a B2B company
  • what to look out for in order not to overwhelm your fans

Handelskraft Trend Book Digital Champions Release

Data Is Our Friend

Working together in a data-driven way is what makes data-driven business successful.
Data-driven work is part of successful digital business. However, before you can use new technologies and approaches such as data fabrics, natural language processing, customer and data management platforms and business intelligence (BI), you must lay a crucial foundation: a data culture.
Find out in the third chapter how

  • you can take away your employees’ fear of (dealing with) data
  • data fabrics accelerate digital transformation
  • NLP applications facilitate data analysis and processing and automate it in record time
  • BI performed in our reality check

Handelskraft Trend Book Digital Champions Release

Hybrid Retail

Successful retailers bring the benefits of online shopping to brick-and-mortar retail and the benefits of brick-and-mortar retail online.
Customers are channel hoppers. They no longer play by the rules of traditional brick-and-mortar retail – they make up their own.
In the fourth chapter, we show you how to

  • take advantage of digital concepts such as local inventory ads and ship from store in brick-and-mortar retail
  • use showrooming and window shopping 2.0 to reach your customers in a new way
  • implement D2C and deep commerce strategies
  • succeed in niche markets with re-commerce and specialist marketplaces

Handelskraft Trend Book Digital Champions Release

Sustainable Business Models

Sustainability has become a top business priority across all industries.
In the fifth chapter, we focus on THE megatrend of 2022 and give you numerous tips on how to develop sustainable business models – for the sake of the environment and your business. Besides typical retail issues such as the reduction of return rates and sustainable supply chains, this chapter features best practices and analyses of

  • green IT
  • sustainable UX
  • behavioural design

Handelskraft Trend Book Digital Champions Release

IT Is a Business Matter

Successful digital companies make IT part of all their business units.
For technology to become the best tool and not the biggest obstacle and for trends to grow into innovations, you need to link IT and business even more closely. In the sixth chapter, we show you how to do this.

In this tech chapter, we also take a closer look at local cloud environments, security-driven design and trends such as containerisation, GitOps and service meshes. They support you in

  • minimising attack surfaces
  • adapting quickly and flexibly
  • reducing efforts and costs

Handelskraft Trend Book Digital Champions Release

Facts and Figures

Current facts and figures from e-commerce, marketing, data-driven business, cloud computing, PIM, UXD and CRM show you what customers want, what industries are doing to meet these demands and which systems support them.

Download the Handelskraft Trend Book 2022 »Digital Champions« for Free Now!

Handelskraft Trend Book Digital Champions 2022

Since we know how important it is to rely on measurable results instead of gut feelings, we integrated facts and figures in each of the six main chapters. There have never been so many in-depth insights. See for yourself!

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