Brand Experience in the Energy Industry: TEAG Thüringer Energie AG Opts for Multi-Stream Project to Create a Strong Brand Identity [Success Story]

Brand Experience Energy Industry TEAG Multi-Stream Project
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Electricity, gas, heating – for many people, these words probably evoke unpleasant associations such as »bill« or »ancillary costs«. The brand new success story of our client TEAG Thüringer Energie AG shows that this does not have to be the case. Together with the dotSource UXD and digital marketing experts, the company further developed its brand identity. How did the energy supplier manage this nationwide brand campaign? And what on earth does a fluffy teddy bear have to do with it?

Brand Design: Only Those Who Know Their Target Audience Can Improve Their Brand Identity

The same applies to services in the energy industry as to fashion or new home entertainment systems: customers mainly use digital channels to obtain information. Those who do not make proper use of the numerous digital touchpoints will quickly lose out to the competition.

That is why TEAG’s Private and Commercial Customer Sales division worked with dotSource to develop a modern and customer-oriented online business strategy.

In workshops, the project team took a closer look at the existing sales channels and communication methods. Following this, personas of potential customers were created. After all, only those who know their target audience can improve customer journeys and increase their conversion rate as a result.

Brand Design: New Look & Feel for a Better Customer Experience

As a first step towards improved digital communication, the dotSource UXD team optimised the website’s user experience. From the tariff search and the right product selection to a clear checkout process – all customer journey touchpoints were made more engaging and user-friendly.

In addition, a nationwide campaign for an environmentally friendly gas tariff was implemented together with the TEAG team. For this campaign, dotSource not only created suitable multi-channel content, but also an appealing new product brand design.

Brand Design: UXD Expertise Meets Innovative Digital Marketing

The merchandise for the campaign was tailored to the target audience and created in line with the new brand design and the environmental theme, including flyers that can be planted and jute bags.

On top of that, banners and teasers for various online campaigns were designed accordingly. This highlights the advantage of a full-service agency like dotSource, where design and UXD expertise go hand in hand with targeted digital marketing.

Brand Design: »HuBÄRt« as a Friendly Helping Hand for Strengthening Customer Loyalty

In order to add an emotional – not to say cuddly – component to the rather dry subject of energy services, especially for private customers, the teddy bear »HuBÄRt« was used as a charming testimonial. TEAG’s brand mascot had already been featured on Instagram as a real soft toy.

The dotSource UXD team also illustrated a digital version of »HuBÄRt« and turned the Instagram account @der_hubaert into a feel-good channel with regular posts.

With entertaining and at the same time informative content, the furry energy expert boosted the engagement rate: »HuBÄRt« conducts small surveys among his followers and gives tips on how to save energy. As part of an innovative content commerce strategy, the mascot increases TEAG’s visibility and reach.

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Brand Experience Energy Industry TEAG Multi-Stream Project

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