Happy Birthday, Handelskraft! 14 Years of Blog History

Happy Birthday Handelskraft
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It’s that time of the year again. A new year full of exciting articles, topics and anniversaries lies ahead. After all, it’s not only dotSource that’s celebrating its birthday, but also our Handelskraft blog – its 14th birthday to be exact. Read this article to find out how the last year went and what topics we covered.

Happy Birthday, Handelskraft: What Was It Like When You Were 14?

14… well, that’s a difficult age. Teenage behaviour, pimples and maybe your first crush? Do you still remember? ^^

Our blog has become home to a few new faces last year and, lo and behold, our first crush has stayed and successfully passed his probationary period: Paul has been part of the marketing team since May and is our new blog author. You don’t know him? Then we strongly suggest that you take a look at the reading tips he publishes every Monday.

But what else happened last year? Once again, Handelskraft has proven itself as a digital business blog and explored countless topics that could not be more up-to-date.

Happy Birthday, Handelskraft: A Recap of Last Year

We started the year with our trends for 2020, the release of our eighth trend book and a related webinar (which, by the way, was to be followed by 26 more). After that, we celebrated the 14th dotSource birthday and the frequently mentioned Journey to Jupiter (2025 – 1000 – 100, I’m sure you remember).

Of course, we organised our Handelskraft Conference in March. At this conference, the topic of remote work suddenly became more than important due to the upcoming restrictions. However, we pulled through, for us and for you, and set up the first Handelskraft Online Edition – and we did so with success. In March, we also welcomed our 300th employee, which brought us a step closer to completing our Mission to Mars in 2020. We also published numerous success stories last year. Here are a few of them:

Success Stories:

In spring we also showed you how we deal with you-know-what and took you to our family, single or whatever office.

A few New Work and PIM articles later, we expanded our competencies to be able to offer new remote business services, thus making sure to update you on the latest remote trends.

However, AI, data-driven business and A/B testing were popular topics as well. With our new author Paul, projects such as the Digital.Business.Talk. also made a return last summer, this time in the form of the Afterwork Special. You can listen to our Digital Business Talks on all popular podcast platforms (Spotify, SoundCloud & iTunes).

We also discussed Snapchat, TikTok and Instagram in several of our blog articles. It therefore comes as no surprise that we’ve been really active on the latter platform last year. See for yourselves ?


Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an


Ein Beitrag geteilt von dotSource GmbH (@dotsource_de)

In autumn, we provided you with internal insights in articles about our own working model.

In November, it was time for the second edition of B2B Digital Masters Convention, with Warenausgang.com and Handelskraft once again pooling their forces. This was another real online MVP with great success. We then ended the year on a relaxed note with further talks and webinars and introduced you to a few of our experts in the Tech-telmechtel interview series. Do you wonder what the sexiest job in 2020 was? Don’t worry, we got you covered: Tech Talk with a Data Scientist: Tech-telmechtel with BI [Interview]

Happy Birthday, Handelskraft: Facts and Figures

Nine authors in total have already written articles for the Handelskraft blog.

The Handelskraft blog has already undergone a complete redesign two times – in 2012 and 2018. Who still remembers the original design from 2007? ?

4,405 articles were published in the last 14 years ?

As of today, our blog has 6,786 subscribers.

Handelskraft is more than just a blog as well: seven conferences in total have already taken place under the flag of Handelskraft, including five Handelskraft Conferences and two B2B Digital Masters Conventions.

And we will continue like that in 2021. #HK2021 is right around the corner: under the slogan »Digital Freedom«, the conference will celebrate its sixth anniversary on the 3rd and 4th March 2021. Sign up for free here.

Wow, what a wild year. Thanks to our creative authors, partners and clients and thanks to all of you!
Happy New Year!

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