Tutorialisation: Learn, Share, Repeat. Higher Productivity Thanks to Online Training [5 Reading Tips]

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2020 was not a year of high performers? As if. Never before have we worked on our own performance so often, so intensively and for so long. A new language, a terrace we built ourselves, our own homepage or online shop – you name it. To start the new year, we take a look at the opportunities that the wide range of tutorials on the Internet offers.

Tutorialisation: Sharing Knowledge Is Power

Companies benefit from the digital freedom of time- and location-independent video conferences as well as from their recordings. Internal training courses, seminars, client meetings and larger meetings are simply recorded. Not only does this make it easier for participants to keep track of what is going on, but it also guarantees access to knowledge for all those who could not attend live. Whether via Slack, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams or Zoom: the number of available tools is large and offers companies the opportunity to make communication and knowledge transfer even more efficient.

Not only do these tools allow for location-independent collaboration and training, but they also increase productivity. Microsoft’s video service »Stream«, for example, automatically creates a transcript for every video recorded in Microsoft Teams. This transcript provides first-hand content of what was said. Via the search function, content can also be retrieved more easily and more quickly than via a classic transcript or subsequent documentation. Not only does this save time, but it also ensures that no knowledge silos are created.

Tutorialisation: Not a Necessity, but a Virtue

Fewer business trips, face-to-face events and training courses give an enormous boost to the need for digital access to knowledge and virtual training opportunities. In this context, enrolments in external online training courses have also increased immensely. Courses related to teleworking (21,598 per cent more enrolments than in 2019), virtual teams (1,523 per cent), decision-making (277 per cent), self-discipline (237 per cent) and stress management (235 per cent) have been particularly booming.

It is a logical development that people do not only benefit from the added value of digital video tutorials (be it cooking recipes, bicycle repairs or fitness exercises on YouTube) in their private lives but also in the business environment, thus generating time savings.

Tutorialisation: E-Learning Benefits

On average, e-learning takes 40 to 60 per cent less time than offline learning because it is more efficient and easier to visualise content.

In contrast, only about one per cent of the working week is dedicated to training and development in the workplace. By focusing more on online tutorials, organisations can save resources even more effectively and at the same time train their employees.

This is exactly what the ETAs and DTAs of Digital Business School have done this year – and they have done so quite successfully. What does it take? The right tools, but also the right mindset. This also applies to all other online training courses, tutorials and events.

And there is even more: in the future, it will also be possible to use Zoom to take part in training courses on the inspiration platform Pinterest. We are curious to see who will follow suit. This is definitely an ode to digital freedom; and like all other examples, it is the best proof that 2020 was a year of high performers despite everything – no, precisely because of it.

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