Gamification: How Your Marketing Strategy Can Playfully Flourish [5 Reading Tips]

Gamification Marketing Reading Tips
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Let the games begin. Companies that spice up their marketing campaigns with playful elements increase the loyalty of their customers by 41 and their brand awareness by 15 per cent. Whether it is a minigame, a quiz or an adventure gamebook: there are no limits to creativity. With the help of these innovations, some companies have already made their way back into the performance game.

Gamification: This Is How Playful Marketing Campaigns Work

Gamification marketing involves incorporating playful elements into marketing strategies. In contrast to traditional advertising measures with which consumers are increasingly overwhelmed in everyday life, the gamification approach provides a welcome change. The measures are aimed at the extrinsic motivation of people, who are thus encouraged to win or to receive a reward such as loyalty points.

The approach can be used to achieve various marketing goals and can be applied both online and offline. Whether for acquiring new customers, retaining customers or attracting new employees: the strategy pays off. Even for marketers, implementing a gamification campaign is a highlight they enjoy working on.

Gamification in Marketing: Our Top 3

Gamification takes user experience to a whole new level. Consumers get to know products and services even more thoroughly and remember them for a long time. Our top 3 gamification campaigns show that this approach is a promising option for all industries and company sizes.

Mustang Mach-E Turns into an Escape Room

Escape rooms are a big trend. Ford has taken advantage of this and offers an interactive game for its new Mustang Mach-E. With various tasks that appear on the on-board computer, drivers get to know the car in a playful way.

Estée Lauder Opts for Retro Games

For the creation of its new product line, the beauty brand Estée Lauder developed a website where consumers can get to know the products in a playful way.

ANRcade is the name of the cosmos where users can collect »youth-generating power points« in various games.

Monopoly for Local Public Transport

Playful campaigns not only benefit companies, but also provide society with new incentives for a more sustainable everyday life. The gamification agency Pfeffermind, for example, has created a quiz game for local public transport that makes travelling by train an experience.

At every stop, questions can be solved via an app. With the right answer, stops can be collected like streets in Monopoly and points are earned whenever other players reach these stops. This encourages people to choose the train or bus over the car.

Gamification Motivates Your Team

The gamification approach not only captivates customers, but can also be used to motivate employees. How about a step challenge, for example, where steps can be collected together as team? This increases not only team spirit and ambition, but also the well-being of your employees. In other words: gamification can be a benefit for companies in many ways. Why not for you too? Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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