Digital Champions Prevail: dotSource Clients Are among Germany’s Most Innovative Companies [5 Reading Tips]

Germany's Most Innovative Companies Reading Tips
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Digital companies are particularly innovative. This is also confirmed by a recent study conducted by the business magazine Capital and the data portal Statista. As part of this study on Germany’s most innovative companies, 470 companies were recognised as particularly innovative. 51 of these are from the »Internet, Media and Communication« sector alone. Technology and telecommunications companies came in second.

Our clients 3M , Würth, PERI, BHS Corrugated, Krones and Ottobock were among the leading companies as well. We can only congratulate them on this success and are proud to help them realise their promising visions on the way to becoming digital champions.

Digital Champions Are Needed in Every Industry

Most digital companies are young, flexible and thus open to new ideas. However, today’s customers and employees in all industries expect continuous development of products, services and internal processes. »Use it or lose it« is the motto when it comes to digitalisation. Those who do not stick to it lose out to the competition.

As part of the study on Germany’s most innovative companies, Capital and Statista took a close look at a total of 20 different industries – from the automotive industry and the medical technology industry to the energy industry.

For this study, 3,600 innovation experts proposed particularly progressive companies in their industry. These were assessed by means of various questions:

  • How regularly does the company launch innovative products?
  • Has the company implemented business processes that promote innovation?
  • In which business areas is the company particularly innovative?

Digital Champions Show How It Is Done

Six dotSource clients received four or all five stars in this ranking and are thus considered pioneers in their industry.

PERI: Opening up New Markets with an Agile Approach

Thanks to advanced technologies, PERI makes construction projects possible that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. The company is one of the largest international manufacturers and service providers in the field of formwork and scaffolding technology.

In addition to its key accounts, PERI wanted to tap into a new market and also acquire smaller building contractors as customers. Using an MVP (minimum viable product) approach, valuable target audience data was gathered and a user-friendly digital solution was gradually developed.

BHS Corrugated: Seamless Data Exchange Thanks to a Cloud Platform

BHS Corrugated impresses customers with innovative service solutions such as Industry 4.0 and the integration of digital printing. However, innovative products alone are not enough for the company to maintain its position as a leading solution provider in the corrugated board industry.

In order to prevent machine downtime caused, for example, by customers not having spare parts, it is important that all existing systems interact smoothly. That is why BHS Corrugated worked with dotSource to integrate a cloud platform that not only ensures fast data exchange, but can also be used for further development in the future.

Würth: Always Focusing on the Customer

The online shop of the Würth Group is one of the most successful international B2B shops and was named »Best B2B Shop« in 2019. However, the company does not rest on its laurels, but regularly adapts its online shop to the changing needs of its target audience.

Numerous features such as subscription orders and AI-based product recommendations significantly reduce the administrative and procurement effort for customers. Thanks to the mobile Würth app, customers can also reorder products directly from the construction site.

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