New white paper: Selecting Marketing Automation Systems

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Digitisation is now growing in Europe in sales and marketing departments. Marketing automation is getting said more and more often, but not many people know what that actually means.

Consumers have a strong buying power thanks to new technology, social media, and evaluation platforms. They’re more informed than ever before. Users’ expectations are increasing. They want an individual shopping experience, adapted to their interests. Marketing automation systems help marketing and sales automate processes to more effectively address potential and existing customers across all channels. It combines functions such as lead management, web tracking, campaign management, and workflows in a comprehensive software, and can be connected to existing systems such as a CRM or shop system.

In our new white paper, “Selecting Marketing Automation Software” we provide an overview of the basic characteristics of marketing automation, a guide to system evaluation, and a detailed overview of system vendors on the market. Entry-level solutions such as Hubspot, medium-sized solutions such as Evalanche, and enterprise systems such as Salesforce, Adobe and SAP Hybris are shown.

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What are the challenges, priorities, and trends in marketing and sales? [5 Reading Tips]

Source: milsabord29 - Fotolia
Source: milsabord29 – Fotolia
B2B and B2C marketers struggle to reach an audience increasingly more slippery but paradoxically more connected. In this context, mobile is driving interactions between organisations and their audiences and technology is having a critical role in enhancing the digital customer experience and, ultimately, in increasing conversions and sales.
As a result, inbound marketing is not only gaining prominence among marketers but also is making marketing strategies more effective, as inbound organisations are 4 times as likely to rate their marketing strategy highly.
Precisely, this is one of the main conclusions of the eight annual study “State of Inbound 2016” conducted by HubSpot, which aims to give a comprehensive overview of the main trends, strategies and challenges marketers and sales representatives face today as well as to provide relevant data to figure out how the marketing and sales’ future will look like in an increasing mobile, technological and digital world. This report reflects the opinions of more than 4500 respondents (namely marketers and sales representatives) from 132 countries.

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