Sweet Sixteen: dotSource Celebrates 16 Years of Digital Success Right from the Start

Sweet Sixteen dotSource Celebrates 16 Years
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Super sweet sixteen. Finally! Rounding up from now on ? Besides the 14th birthday, which officially marks the start of the teenage years, the 16th birthday is one that most adolescents probably eagerly look forward to as well. You can do more. You are allowed to do more. But you also have to do more. The dotSource teenager is no exception! Congratulations and welcome to the in-between.

Sweet dotSource Family

In-between? In my case, it was more than 20 years ago, but I can still remember this exciting time from the age of 16 onwards. You are somewhere in between – between youth and adulthood, between curiosity and reason, between rebellion and a sense of duty. Your hormone radar has long been out of order, your body does what it wants – everything is still in a state of transition – and things get really cool when you have growing pains on top of that. A phenomenon that is not uncommon. With a final height of 1.62 metres, I wonder what the point of it was, but oh well.

With dotSource growing as fast as it does, growing pains are inevitable. The good thing is that over 400 colleagues are going through them together. That is even more important in these crazy times we are currently experiencing.

Sweet ‘N’ Hybrid

Back to the in-between. The dotSource teenager and his large, diverse family are a sweet 16 years apart. You can actually have a good conversation with people who are 32 years old on average. You can listen to them, learn from them, talk to them – whether it is at the bi-weekly all-company meeting, in performance review meetings, team lead calls, tech lead syncs or at the legendary parties. In 2021, we had the great fortune of organising such a party. True to the slogan »Better safe than sorry«, we celebrated our team event in summer – in person. That felt great and made us want more. Until it is possible again, we continue to celebrate (ourselves) remotely.

Even in 2021, physical distance did not mean social distance for the dotSource family. Hybrid was king and team spirit was his queen. And that rubs off. In addition to its existing clients, the large, diverse dotSource family supported 36 new clients on their way to becoming digital pioneers in 2021.

And that is not just a meaningless marketing claim. Not only does the dotSource teenager develop his skills, but he also transforms companies into digital champions – and there were quite a few of those in 2021.

Sweet Success

By migrating its digital system landscape with dotSource, ESPRIT took first place in the e-fashion page speed ranking 2021 – even ahead of dominant online players such as Zalando and ABOUT YOU.

BayWa received the »E-Retailer des Jahres« (»E-Retailer of the Year«) award – an award that rounds off an impressive BayWa success story and shows how digital commerce works in B2B.

TEAG won the Energiewende Award (energy transition award) and became the digital climate champion 2021. TEAG’s pioneering range of products and services as well as its unique website, which was created by the TEAG project team, make it clear that change thrives on digital business models, innovative products and a personalised customer approach – even in the energy supply industry.

hessnatur was able to increase e-commerce sales by as much as 45 per cent – and the fashion brand’s online shop is also one of 650 successful dotSource projects!

» Numerous clients praise the uncomplicated, cross-team collaboration with dotSource. We have just the right mix of specialised teams of experts and short decision-making processes. This sets us apart from the competition and has once again made us one of the most successful digital agencies in Germany in 2021.

None of this would be possible without our many motivated employees. I am very proud that we have once again stuck together in 2021 and even improved our hybrid collaboration. «

Christian Otto Grötsch, founder and managing director of dotSource

Sweet Prospects

At the age of 16, you are brave and you experiment. You do things instead of pondering for a long time. You stand up instead of standing still. Despite all the growing pains, despite all the crises – both in society as a whole and in private life. And this is rewarded, as 455 satisfied dotSource clients and a revenue of 30 million euros in 2021 show.

At the age of 16, you not only have wild ideas but also ambitious goals. By 2025, the dotSource teenager wants to fly to Jupiter (he will be of age by that time) – together with up to 1000 employees who will transform even more brands, retailers and manufacturers into digital champions and generate 100 million euros in revenue.

Looks like the teenager has set his sights high. For his »Journey to Jupiter«, he is always looking for brilliant people with great ideas. Become a part of this journey and apply now!


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