Online Shop Optimisation and CMS Selection: Villeroy & Boch Creates the Basis for Modern Content Commerce Strategy [Success Story]

Online Shop Optimisation
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If you want to be seen and liked, you must stand out positively. This is valid both in the real world and in digital business. Online shops that have an attractive and target-group-oriented design as well as a pleasant customer journey are more likely to be remembered.

Accordingly, the manufacturer of ceramics and porcelain products Villeroy & Boch wanted to not only modernise its online shop, but also turn its product world into a digital experience. Our new success story explains how this was accomplished.

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Performance Optimisation: Bringing a Breath of Fresh Air to the Online Shop

To impress customers with its online shop, Villeroy & Boch had its existing system fundamentally analysed by dotSource. Based on this analysis, a roadmap was collaboratively prepared to optimise the online shop.

Besides numerous adjustments and updates on both a technical and visual level, the payment feature as well as several other components were improved, which made the internal online shop management processes more efficient.

Online Shop Optimisation: New Features for Enhanced Usability

To increase the attractiveness and usability of the online shop, several new features and further developments were needed. These included the implementation of a user-friendly cookie solution that complies with all the latest data protection regulations, the further development of the wishlist reminder feature and the modernisation of buttons for product availability notifications.

As a result, Villeroy & Boch’s new online shop has set new standards for usability: customer data is much better protected, customer communication and the customer journey have been considerably improved and the user experience design has been significantly modernised.

CMS Selection: Villeroy & Boch Opts for Magnolia

Good looks alone are insufficient for success in life – you can quickly come across as having nothing else to offer. The same principle applies to digital business: Websites must not only be visually appealing, but also load quickly to catch the attention of users. Moreover, website content should also be interesting.

To meet customer requirements with informative and appealing content, content maintenance and a CMS are incredibly important. Accordingly, this aspect was analysed – and the migration to another system was discussed as well.

After the requirements had been defined and the system selection process had been initiated, Villeroy & Boch decided to switch to the Swiss CMS provider Magnolia. This new CMS allows the optimal distribution of valuable content created by the manufacturer of ceramics and porcelain products.

Finally, the dotSource digital marketing team took over the task of improving the discoverability of the online shop and the high-quality products through SEO updates.

Online Shop Optimisation and CMS Selection: Download the Villeroy & Boch Success Story for Free Now!

Online Shop Optimisation Success Story Villeroy & Boch

Find out in our new »Performance Optimisation and CMS: Villeroy & Boch Sets the Course for Cutting-Edge Content Commerce« success story how to

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