User Experience Design and Usability Optimisation: Four Examples of Optimal User Experiences [Best Practice]

UXD Best Practice
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When meeting a new person, when visiting a place you have never been to before: first impressions have a significant impact on future decisions. In the digital world, the magic of the first moment is even more crucial because you can always find the service or product you are looking for somewhere else. If they have a bad user experience, 90% of users turn their back on a company.

That is why it is worth investing in an innovative user experience design, usability optimisation and a modern brand design. But how? Our new »User Experience Design Best Practices« publication provides the answer.

Learn from successful client projects in industries such as manufacturing, energy and food how to

  • strengthen customer loyalty with user experience design
  • design websites that are not only modern, but also inclusive
  • revolutionise traditional B2B ordering with configurators
  • make a new brand successful with a memorable brand experience design

User Experience Design Best Practices – User Experience

Those who seek to optimise user experience must first find out what users want. In our new »User Experience Design Best Practices« publication, you can find real-world success stories that show you what measures you can take to profitably interact with users.

Our client bofrost* shows that inclusive design is becoming increasingly important and ultimately appeals to all users. The online shop of the frozen food specialist can also be used by people with visual impairments, as the website was optimised in such a way that it is compatible with screen readers.

Whether it is in B2C or B2B – when designing websites, the focus is always on people. Nevertheless, specific industry characteristics must be taken into account when addressing customers. By using companies as diverse as TROX and Röchling as examples, our best practices show how complicated industrial products can be sold digitally with the help of intelligently developed configurators. In addition, the InsightCommodity (EEX) project highlights how a tailor-made brand design can lay the foundation for a successful launch.

User Experience Design Best Practices – High-Quality Customer Experiences Require Data

In order to provide a good user experience, you need to know your users. For this reason, data is crucial to ensure user-friendly experiences as well as good customer relations on the one hand and more sales on the other.

UXD Best Practice

Our »User Experience Design Best Practices« publication shares insights into UXD methods – user research and web analytics, the creation of personas and mood boards as well as A/B testing and rapid prototyping.

An excellent user experience is not only the key to building modern customer trust. It also helps your company to act in a more user-centred way. Our best practices show in a practical way how multifaceted modern user experience design is.

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