B2B Online Shop for Standard Component Manufacturer: From Project Audit to SAP Commerce Platform for norelem [Success Story]

B2B Online Shop norelem Success Story
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Business customers value efficiency and well-established products. This means that reliability is a precious asset in B2B commerce. That is why it was essential for norelem Normelemente GmbH & Co. KG to turn the wide product range of its popular print catalogue THE BIG GREEN BOOK into a digital experience – with a modern and user-friendly online shop.

The leading manufacturer of standard parts and components for machine and plant construction opted for a project audit by dotSource and, delighted by the results, decided to entrust the digital agency with the further implementation of the ambitious SAP Commerce project and a design update.

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B2B Online Shop for Standard Component Manufacturer: Audit of the Existing E-Commerce Project

For several years, norelem has been actively involved in B2B e-commerce and has been running its own online shops for national and international business customers. norelem offers construction and engineering teams as well as purchasing departments more than 70,000 products for modern machine and plant construction.

To continue to meet the rising demands in B2B commerce, the long-established company had set itself the goal of modernising its entire e-commerce presence from the ground up. As an experienced e-commerce agency and external party, dotSource was asked to review the ongoing project regarding the implementation of an SAP Commerce shop.

For this purpose, the dotSource experts held discussions with all relevant stakeholders and evaluated the usability, performance and code of the existing online shop. Moreover, the digital agency conducted an organisational review and focused on specific aspects such as timeline, project management and composition of the teams working on the online shop project.

B2B Online Shop for Standard Component Manufacturer Based on SAP Commerce

The final recommendations for action for optimising the online shop project left such a positive impression on those responsible at norelem that they decided to switch to dotSource as their implementation partner. A complex transition phase followed, during which the dotSource team familiarised itself with the source code and the available documentation on the existing online shop.

At the time of project handover, online shops for several countries were already live. However, the SAP Commerce shop for norelem’s main market Germany had not yet been rolled out due to insufficient technical performance of the existing online shops for other countries. The timeline envisaged by norelem was clear and ambitious: within a few months, a high-performance and user-friendly online shop for the German market was to go live.

B2B Online Shop for Standard Component Manufacturer with Enhanced User Experience

To accomplish this, dotSource extensively rebuilt the existing SAP Commerce platform, thereby significantly improving its performance, particularly in terms of load times. Alongside this, the product range structure of the online shop was modified before it went live and was harmonised with that of the print catalogue. The company is committed to satisfying its target group with the same clear structure that has been part of its renowned catalogue THE BIG GREEN BOOK for decades.

This was accompanied by a complete redesign of the online shop’s header navigation: the dotSource UXD team came up with clear categories so that the complex product portfolio could be displayed in a particularly user-friendly way for both desktop and mobile users. On the product pages, the tabular presentation of the numerous product variants was made much clearer and more user-friendly as well.

The success of the optimised online shop is clearly reflected in growing sales and revenue since the launch of the new SAP Commerce platform. Consequently, further rollouts of norelem’s online shop in several countries will follow.

B2B Online Shop for Standard Component Manufacturer: Download the norelem Success Story for Free Now!

B2B Online Shop norelem Success Story

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