Happy Happy and Big Up to Our Team: dotSource Celebrates Its 15th Birthday!

Happy Happy Big Up dotSource Celebrates Its 15th Birthday
Happy birthday, dotSource!

The beginning of January is not just the beginning of a new year. For us, this also means – *drumroll* – the kick-off for the first parties of the year: Handelskraft anniversary, trend book release AND dotSource birthday. Normally. But although there can’t be any parties as we know them (yet), we’re celebrating 15 years of dotSource. Today and all year round! Happy birthday to us!

Happy New Year & Happy Birthday!

» Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards. «

Søren Kierkegaard

Yes, we’re looking forward to our 16th year in business with 331 hipsters, hackers and hustlers, with our partners, clients and their customers. We’re looking forward to many new faces, wild ideas and successful projects. There it is again: the good feeling.

It didn’t go away in 2020 either – no matter how challenging this crazy year was – because we believed in ourselves. And as we all know, faith can move mountains. But hey, that’s how it goes – not only at the beginning of every new year, but also when it’s your birthday.

In 2020, we’ve proven that there’s more to our goals than just empty words. The awards and prizes we won in 2020 speak for themselves:

• »IT Champion: Germany’s Best SAP Consultants« (award presented by COMPUTERWOCHE)
One of the best »IT service providers in Germany« (awarded by FOCUS-MONEY)
• Winner of the International Business Award in the »Company of the Year | Internet and New Media« category (Stevie Awards)
• Winner of the German Brand Award in the »Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation« category (»Brand Communication – Web & Mobile« subcategory) for our client Netto (German Brand Awards)

And, of course, there’s also our spirit #nomatterwhat! Let’s take a brief look back at last year together.

Happy Teams, Happy Clients

As of today, dotSource already has 13 delivery teams. On the occasion of our Christmas party, we highlighted a special achievement of every team in the past year by awarding the »Accolade of the Month«.

Accolade of the Month


… goes to the D5 team for successful Salesforce projects, including Röchling and KWS SAAT. Thank you for giving your all for our clients, even over the turn of the year.

The second »Accolade of the Month« goes to the D7 team for its excellent work throughout 2020 with regard to PHP microservices, Magento Commerce Cloud and Magnolia CMS as well as for initiating the creation of the D13 team in Dresden.


… goes to the D4 team for the launch of Datev, the support for PRECITOOL and ALSO as well as your tireless energy and relentless motivation.


… goes to the newly founded D12 team for its great work on the bofrost* project, building up an enormous amount of knowledge in the field of data science as well as for its support in setting up the internal Power BI controlling.

The second »Accolade of the Month« goes to the cloud services and internal IT team for ensuring system stability in times of COVID-19 and maintaining our ability to work during the lockdown.


… goes to the UXD team for the design and launch of OTWorld at the Leipzig Trade Fair while also helping numerous other clients and completing successful projects.


… goes to the D2 team for the preliminary stages of the ALSO and Continental projects, launches of four hagebau partner shops and the SAP Hybris migration for our client Bader.


… goes to the strategy team. You’re doing a great job and, among other things, have expanded our expertise regarding multi-stream projects.


In July, the D13 team was founded. For this reason, a big thank you goes to Dresden and Leipzig for the successful foundation of our Dresden office, the MTM project, your prosperous growth in 2020 and your spirit.


… goes to the D6 team for the successful launch of ESPRIT and its well-stocked pipeline for 2021.

The second »Accolade of the Month« goes to the D9 team for the Netto checkout redesign and the outstanding work they have done for our client Würth over many years.

And there’s one more: the third »Accolade of the Month« goes to the D10 team, which was able to inspire numerous clients, including myAGRAR and MEVACO, with Salesforce Service Cloud, completed countless certifications and had a growing pipeline, thus building a successful team that focuses on Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud.


… goes to the D3 team for its untiring commitment to our long-standing client BayWa, a sensational team trip to the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, many SAP webinars and an addition to our portfolio thanks to the CMS technology Bloomreach.


… goes to the D1 team for the migrations for our clients Porsche and hessnatur and for the provision of platform integration services with SAP CPI for BHS as well as with Mulesoft for Aldi, KWS and Gira. You are the living proof that room for innovation is incredibly important.

The second »Accolade of the Month« goes to the D11 team for the invention of the PIM Canvas, the launches of Sonderpreis Baumarkt and Cornelsen as well as 40 Stibo and 16 Contentserv certifications.


… goes to our digital marketing team. Despite three colleagues taking maternity and paternity leave at short notice, you managed to perform excellently and gain new clients in 2020.


Well, here we are in December: the »Accolade of the Month« goes to the D8 team for successful PRECITOOL launches, the good support for our client TROX and the consistent demand for remote collaboration at dotSource – even before COVID-19.

This is one of the reasons why we were ideally prepared for the lockdown and working from home.

The second »Accolade of the Month« goes to the marketing team for two online conferences, one of which was set up rather spontaneously during the lockdown within just 14 days, a complete content relaunch on dotSource.com, more than 30 webinars, success stories, white papers, a balloon website and the new trend book »Digital Freedom«.

I would also like to praise the best administration in the world and the HR team for excellent invoicing, controlling, audited annual financial statements, construction projects that are going well, our amazing office premises, about 6,000 processed applications in 2020 and the good feeling that you’ll even have 1,000 employees extremely well under control.

In 2020, we’ve set up all the structures required for this.

Special Thanks

Last but not least, I would like to praise the sales and telesales teams, which acquired numerous clients and are prepared for growth in the coming years thanks to many new recruitments.

Telesales became an independent team, marketing automation was developed further and TAS campaigns were taken to the next level by adding new, personalised landing pages.

Happy & So Excited!

With nine weddings and 18 babies, there was also a lot going on in the private lives of the dotSource family members. Our average age has remained the same at 32 years.

In 2020, we were able to recruit and onboard almost 100 new employees, including students and short-term interns. Thank you, dear dotSource family, for welcoming so many new colleagues in such an exemplary manner.

I’d also like to thank all employees, partners and clients for a wild 15th year in business, your loyalty, your commitment and the good feeling that we’ll continue to achieve great things together in 2021.

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