Reshoring: Going Back Is the Way Forward for Your Delivery Promises [5 Reading Tips]

Reshoring Reading Tips
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Customers who want to order something at the moment usually have to reckon with the fact that it is not available or will not be delivered for several weeks. Those who decide to make a purchase anyway will have to deal with further delivery delays on top of that. This is due to limited production capacity and various restrictions imposed by certain countries, which are delaying imports as a result of the pandemic.

This stretches the patience of customers. However, companies have no influence on supply bottlenecks for goods and raw materials from abroad.

So what can they do to keep their delivery promises and secure the loyalty of their customers?

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Handelskraft Turns 15! We (Continue To) Celebrate.

Handelskraft 15th Birthday
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Yes, you have read that right. We are still celebrating – or celebrating once again, depending on how you look at it.

While some people are still struggling to deal with the aftermath of the holidays, we are starting the new year with full vigour. Well, at the tender age of 15, we were much fitter and handled a full stomach as well as long nights significantly better – and we did not drink alcohol at that time either ?

But back to the topic. We are celebrating the 15th birthday of the Handelskraft blog, so let us take a look at what moved us and you last year.

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Retail Media: What Advantages Does the New Business Model Offer Retailers? [5 Reading Tips]

Retail Media Reading Tips
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Ads on trains, banners in weather apps or digital billboards on the way to the next appointment – advertising messages are simply overlooked or even perceived as annoying in everyday life. When customers visit an online shop or a retail store, however, they already have the intention to buy something and are much more receptive to offers.

Marketplaces such as Amazon, ABOUT YOU, OTTO and Zalando are taking advantage of this opportunity and are offering companies advertising space on their platforms.

This business model is called retail media – and it creates new jobs, departments and even entire companies.

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Adobe Commerce Entry Solutions: Successful Online Shop in Record Time and Without Risk [5 Reading Tips]

Adobe Entry Solutions Reading Tips
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With the digitalisation of business models, the saying »The last shall be first« is no longer valid. And if we are completely honest, it was only created to comfort those who are not at the forefront.

However, when it comes to digitalising your business and meeting customer demands, excuses do not count. It is first come, first served.

What I actually want to say is that the sooner your products and services are visible online, the sooner you can reach potential customers and drive your business forward.

To this end, Adobe offers solutions, especially for e-commerce newcomers, that make it possible to launch online shops as a minimum viable product (MVP) in just a few weeks.

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Salesforce Datorama: How the Marketing Intelligence Platform Can Improve Your ROI [5 Reading Tips]

Salesforce Datorama Reading Tips
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SEO, social media, display and video advertising – there are many ways to reach customers. In order to offer your customers a unique brand experience on all channels, you need to keep an eye on all your marketing data and constantly optimise your campaigns. This is the only way to improve the ROI of your marketing activities in the long term – and that brings us to the heart of the problem: Not only are there large amounts of marketing data, but the data is also stored in different systems. Processing the data in such a way that all marketing activities can be analysed effectively seems almost impossible.

Marketing intelligence platforms such as Salesforce Datorama take this task off marketers’ shoulders. They collect data from different channels and campaigns in one system and automatically provide important basics for the evaluation of all your marketing activities.

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Using Digital Customer Feedback to Increase Brand Loyalty [5 Reading Tips]

Digital Customer Feedback Reading Tips
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Only those who listen to their customers can offer excellent service. Those who want to increase the repurchase rate of their products must be open to feedback and criticism.

However, there is a problem here: If customers are dissatisfied with a product or service, only four per cent of them actually report this back to companies. The remaining 96 per cent may even pass on their frustration about shopping experiences to those around them and will certainly opt for the competition the next time they make a purchase.

That is why you should motivate your customers at the right points of the customer journey to give feedback in order to identify weaknesses and work on them.

However, there are a few questions that need to be answered first: At which touchpoints of the purchasing process does it make sense to gather customer feedback? How do I encourage users to give feedback? And how can I then make optimal use of this data?

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Cloud Services: How Modern Digital Business Works in the Cloud [5 Reading Tips]

Cloud Services Reading Tips
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The headline is legendary: »iCloud, You Cloud, We All Cloud« was the title of an article published in The New Yorker in June 2011 – almost exactly a decade ago. Back then, Apple’s iCloud was all over the news – the possibility for private individuals to store their data decentrally in a cloud and no longer on USB sticks, backup DVDs, external hard drives or home servers.

The New Yorker verbalises the product name and uses the headline to emphasise what has happened in IT over the last 15 years, from private individuals to enterprises: I do it, you do it – we all do it! What this refers to? Having data in the cloud.

However, the real question is: what are cloud services and why should every company invest time, money and strategic efforts in them?

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Digital Leadership: What Skills Managers Need to Have [5 Reading Tips]

Digital Leadership DBS Reading Tips
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It is nothing new that companies have to digitalise their processes in order to remain successful. However, they still neglect the fact that the implementation of innovative projects requires comprehensive changes in the entire organisation. An essential component is the availability of digital leadership skills.

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