German Packaging Act Pays off in the Long Term – For Companies and the Environment [5 Reading Tips]

German Packaging Act Reading Tips
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Yay, another change in the law! Who is supposed to navigate through the jungle of provisions, ordinances and exemptions? The Price Indication Ordinance is now followed by an amendment to the German Packaging Act (VerpackG2). This tightens the legal framework for packaging licencing in order to respond to the growth in e-commerce, to-go consumption and the associated increase in packaging consumption.

The amendment will take effect on 1 July 2022 and regulate the take-back and recycling of packaging put into circulation by companies. This is intended to improve recycling rates and ensure an efficient circular economy. So far, so good. But which packaging is covered by this amendment and which companies must take action now?

German Packaging Act: What Will Change

Companies must sign up with the public packaging register LUCID by 1 July 2022 and declare all types of packaging used. In addition, they must join a dual system that makes sure that packaging generated by end consumers is collected, sorted and recycled properly.

The licencing of sales packaging and the associated contributions ensure the take-back, sorting and recycling of the packaging.

Registration Requirement for All Types of Packaging

This requirement is completely independent of the type of packaging and applies to all manufacturers, retailers and importers that put packaged goods into circulation in Germany. As soon as this packaging accumulates as waste with an end consumer, it becomes subject to system participation and must be entered in the register.

Manufacturers and subsequent distributors of B2B packaging are also responsible for the proper recycling of their packaging waste.

Follow this link to find out whether your company is subject to system participation – it just takes a few clicks.

Registration Requirement for Service Packaging

In the future, service providers will have to pay for the recycling of their packaging too. As a result, they will also have to enter pizza boxes, coffee-to-go cups and salad boxes in the packaging register from next month onwards.

New Obligations for Marketplaces and Fulfilment Providers

According to the amendment, electronic marketplaces are obliged to check whether online retailers selling their goods on the platform comply with the new registration requirement. If this is not the case, these retailers must be excluded from the marketplace. Even fulfilment service providers may now only provide their services to companies that comply with these requirements.

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