B2B Commerce with Adobe: How ATR Landhandel Set New Standards in the Agricultural Industry [Success Story]

B2B Commerce with Adobe: ATR Landhandel Sets New Standards in the Agricultural Industry
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Agriculture – that sounds like a lot of hard work and getting up really early. However, it also sounds like a lot of fresh air and rich harvests. That is true, but the agricultural industry has long been shaped by digital technologies such as smart farming, milking robots and agricultural apps. As B2B customers, agricultural companies now expect wholesalers to provide digital solutions for the trade in animal feed, seeds and other materials. That is why ATR Landhandel GmbH geared up for the digital future of the agricultural industry with a new online shop and a modern multi-client platform.

The ATR Landhandel group supplies large agricultural companies with seeds and customised compound feed. AgrarOnline GmbH with the myAGRAR online shop, a real e-commerce pioneer in the agricultural industry that has relied on dotSource’s expertise for many years, is also part of the group.

B2B Commerce with Adobe: Online Shop via Multi-Client Platform

After the launch of the myAGRAR online shop, ATR wanted to benefit from the expertise of the e-commerce pioneer in its own ranks. That is why the company decided to become part of the multi-client platform based on Adobe Commerce (formerly known as Magento 2.4) with its own shop. This e-commerce system had already been selected for myAGRAR because of its optimal scalability and maximum future viability.

ATR’s existing digital customer portal had reached its limits and was to be replaced with a modern online shop. At the same time, the time frame for implementing the system was tight because the harvest year is full of tasks that ATR’s agricultural customer base cannot postpone: seeds, for example, must be available in time so that companies do not order them elsewhere.

B2B Commerce with Adobe: Improving the Customer Journey with
Modern Features

Thanks to the new online shop based on Adobe Commerce, the agricultural wholesaler was able to take the digital customer journey of its contractual partners to the next level. Clear product presentation and efficient order processing ensure a modern shopping experience that customers would normally expect to have in B2C.

As a special feature of the ATR shop, dotSource developed a live price calculator.
Users who are logged in can calculate prices for the quantities entered in real time –
a particularly important tool for an agricultural online shop that offers customised compound feed.

B2B Commerce with Adobe: Content Management via E-Commerce System

The best shop is worth little these days if visitors are not provided with appealing content that matches the offers. That is why e-commerce software frequently comes with content management features nowadays. The e-commerce system implemented by dotSource also offers very extensive CMS features that benefit both ATR and myAGRAR. Thanks to Adobe Commerce, the two companies can make their websites informative and visually appealing.

In the newly created system architecture, ATR acts as a client on the multi-client platform. This results in synergies: Tried and tested solutions such as cloud hosting via Microsoft Azure can also be used by other companies belonging to the group. In addition, dotSource connected ATR’s enterprise resource planning tool to the multi-client platform, which is of crucial importance to live price calculation, invoicing and order management.

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B2B Commerce with Adobe: ATR Landhandel Sets New Standards in the Agricultural Industry

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