One data system to Hospital 2.0

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German hospitals aren’t exactly known for being digital pioneers: Lots of paper with handwritten notes, x-ray prints, and hardly usable digital health insurance cards. A long way from what Hollywood shows medical facilities to be like. In these shows and movies, doctors are far from reality. Using tablets at a patient’s bedside to show the patient their fracture on a digital x-ray with an animation to help explain what happened internally. The German consortium SMITH wants to use a standardised data system to take the first steps towards efficient patient management so that the digital transformation can finally begin in these hospitals.

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Smart Cities and E-Government? Germany is still in its infancy [5 reading tips]

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Our cities are getting digital. There is public Wi-Fi and apps that not only provide real-time local information about parking options, but also provide local information such as events, news, or rental offers. But a smart city can do much more than just surf the web. At least theoretically.

But how developed are “smart cities” in Germany? Are digital offerings already known and when yes, have they prevailed? Where’s the biggest potential?

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Verimi, netID, and the state – Current steps to a digital privacy future

User Data
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It’s the motto of business this year: The most traditional German companies have joined forces. We are talking about Allianz, Deutsche Bank, Hamburg’s major publisher Gruner + Jahr, and others. They are not merging, but they are currently piling up log-in platforms. The goal is clear: It’s all about snatching away or at least digging up the valuable user data from big overseas competitors — Facebook, Google, and Twitter. In theory, a good idea, the practice is unfortunately too small, as you will see. It’s time to think bigger so that we Europeans will not miss digital advances in line with data security.

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10 years of Airbnb: From air mattresses to luxury lofts [5 reading tips]

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Today, Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia are multi-millionaires, but only ten years ago, the two had trouble paying their rent in San Francisco. Then one day in the summer of 2008 the idea came to them: They would rent air mattresses for people to sleep on in their apartment and offer guests breakfast AKA a bed and breakfast. A few weeks later, one of the world’s most valuable and transforming startups in the world was officially founded: Airbnb. The company is not only the world’s largest platform for the rental of private rooms and apartments, it is the global tourism provider of the Internet age.

The company succeeded in shaking the established hotel industry and changing our travel habits through sharing economy principles. The effects of this shake-up were and are enormous. Reason enough to take a look at the present and future of Airbnb.

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Strategy rumor mill: What are Apple, SAP, and Microsoft doing this year?

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Everyone knows someone who has an iPhone. Everyone knows someone who has a device running Windows. Everyone knows someone who uses SAP products at work. So far so good. When it comes to digitising, you can’t really teach SAP, Apple, and Microsoft that much. Nevertheless, all three companies have, in recent years, slept on something.

And in different areas. While Apple has driven their in-house car project against the wall, Microsoft is still trying to become top of the class in the gaming industry, and SAP dreams of a relaxed life in the cloud. 2018 could be the year of major strategic decisions for these three big players. Which acquisitions, decisions, or ideas can we expect in 2018?

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»Using trends – spotting them and acting on them – can be a simple and powerful way for businesses to use change to their advantage« – Handelskraft Speaker David Mattin in Interview

David Mattin (Grafik: dotSource)
David Mattin (Graphic: dotSource)

At the Handelskraft Conference on the 20th of February 2018 so many new paths to successful retail will be discussed. With trends, best practices, and new impulses, we want to talk about real business and tell real stories about the digital reality and its challenges.

This reality is deeply influenced by the change and the increasing automation and digitising of all processes and relationships in everyday life. As a result, communication between consumers and brands will continue to evolve, increasing customer demands and expectations.

In fact, David Mattin (TrendWatching) will tell us in his session at Handelskraft Conference 2018 «Digital Innovation for Humans – Four Digital-Fueled Consumer Trends for 2018 and Beyond» how crucial AI will be in a connected world and how to cope with the flood of new innovations and mega-trends we can all use on a daily basis, use them to strengthen our own company.

But even this new status quo has effects that companies should not ignore. In an interview with Handelskraft, David Mattin explains which consumer trend will be particularly influential in 2018 and why retailers should keep an eye on them.

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