Forwards Instead of Returns [5 Reading Tips]

Forwards Instead of Returns
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Not only does shopping have to be faster, more personal and more exciting, it also has to be more sustainable and profitable. Ordering, trying it on, returning. This pattern is repeated far too often in Germany. To be exact: 487 million times.

Always Happy to Move Forwards, but Reluctant When It Comes to Returns

Obviously, this also has its consequences: returns have become the biggest problem in e-commerce. It is inevitable to ask the following question: how can online retailers solve this problem? How can companies reduce returns in the long term – not only for the benefit of the environment, but also to ensure business success?

Technologies can help retailers in creating digital shopping experiences in a way that considerably minimises returns. Companies are equipping themselves with lots of information such as size charts and 360-degree videos. Some companies even go one step further and experiment with experience-oriented applications.

Moving Forwards to the Purchasing Decision

For example, ASOS recently presented an ambitious AR feature named »Virtual Catwalk« in cooperation with HoloMe. By clicking the AR button, the own living room turns into a catwalk on which virtual models present products. The luxury brand Gucci also provides an AR-based app which allows you to try on shoes virtually in order to simplify purchasing decisions.

Such features lead to a win-win situation: customers are enthusiastic and satisfied with the additional help and companies see how their innovations can solve real problems.

Retailers, manufacturers and brands should thus break new ground to decrease costs, optimise processes and reduce the environmental impact – new ground on which technology serves as an enabler to support companies in improving and overcoming challenges for themselves, but especially for their customers.

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