Online payment methods – Trends and challenges [5 reading tips]

payments methoden herausforderungen
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Digitisation is changing even most mundane things, like paying for things. Cash is almost a relic, while digital payments are multiplying and spreading. At the top is PayPal. Ever since the launch of Google Pay and Apple Pay in Germany, the enthusiasm for mobile payments is continuing to increase as the smartphone becomes the wallet of the future.

There’s no doubt that the way we’re paying for things is changing. Retailers have to act on this, especially if the complexity increases and the requirements as well. What should retailers, manufacturers, and brands in the DACH region pay attention to in order to best meet customer requirements and what does the future look like for payments?

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Handelskraft Conference 2018: Mobilise. Digitise. Profit!

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The future of business is undoubtedly digital. At the Handelskraft Conference on the 20th of February 2018 in Munich, we want to mobilise retail, talk about real business and tell real stories about the digital reality and its challenges – with trends, best practices and new impulses.
Retailers and manufacturers must break new ground to assert themselves against the competition in the market: Business models must be adapted, strategies rethought, and technical platforms developed further.
No digital project has to follow a straight and narrow path – most of them are more reminiscent of an adventurous off-road track. In order to reach the checkpoints, you need the right equipment and knowledge. This is what we want to offer our participants at the Handelskraft Conference.
Furthermore, live simultaneous English translation will be available for our international guests for the first time!

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