»Online Shop Only« in B2B – How MEVACO Succeeds in Translating Customer Focus from Analogue to Digital with Salesforce Service Cloud [Case Study]

Onlineshop only B2B Mevaco Case Study
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CRM kills Salespeople. As if. The success story of MEVACO shows that it should rather be called CRM supports Salespeople. Why? Because the suitable system and its networking ensure ideal processes. This, in turn, provides the basis for the measure of all things in terms of designing digital customer relationships: added values.

In the »As-A-Service-Age« and in B2B anyway, it is obvious to do everything to convince with first-class service. With the introduction of Salesforce Service Cloud, MEVACO GmbH managed to do exactly this because it allowed the company to have a sales department which – thanks to automation, system networking and pioneering technologies – not only meets customer demands in a personalised, but also efficient way.

Online Shop with International Success: About MEVACO

MEVACO GmbH is one of the biggest manufacturers of expanded metal, perforated plates, woven wire mesh and welded mesh in Europe.

With 135 employees at 10 locations in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Hungary and Poland as well as further partners in Scandinavia, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovenia, and in the Baltic states, MEVACO reaches more than 20.000 customers throughout Europe and records 100.000 orders per year.

MEVACO’s variety distinguishes itself through a product range that is regularly extended and also contains individually configurable products in addition to the standard repertoire.

»Online Shop Only« in B2B

The way MEVACO sells its own products to customers may be unusual, but personal support and consulting are guaranteed nevertheless. A seamless connection of the CRM system and the Magento shop system is necessary to achieve this.

Because the MEVACO shop is the main sales channel, the e-commerce system on the one hand has to perform flawlessly at all times, and on the other hand, the CRM solution has to read and process all the shop and transaction data in order to handle sales processes automatically.

By migrating to Salesforce Service Cloud, not only these demands were met, but also the requirements with which MEVACO approached dotSource in 2017. Amongst other things, these included:

  • Simple operability
  • Good development opportunities and administration possibilities
  • Reliable service provider support guaranteed

Via the Salesforce Service Cloud, each employee involved has easy access not only to the CRM system, but also to identical and, at best, complete data which is collected and maintained centrally, no matter whether it is about existing or new contacts and enquiries.

Online Shop with Live Agent

The Live Agent which transfers the classic B2B virtues customer focus and service from analogue to digital is another advantage of Salesforce Service Cloud. In live chats, questions and requests are not only answered directly, but entire customer profiles are also linked. This way, the entire customer journey can be taken into account in each conversation and (potential) customers can be consulted purposefully and effectively.

With the help of customer-oriented dashboards, it is possible for MEVACO to keep an eye on customers as well as business goals. This also includes how customers develop.

Furthermore, sales staff receives an overview of how many personalised products were bought as compared to standard products and how high the access figures of the online shop are.

In his slot at the Handelskraft Conference 2019, Achim Ahrens, e-commerce manager at MEVACO, explained how the company overcomes these and other challenges with the help of suitable CRM integration and which entrepreneurial opportunities arise as a result. You can have another look at Achim Ahren’s session here.

An Online Shop on Its Own Does Not Guarantee Digital Success

Onlineshop only B2B Mevaco Case StudyMore information on the project can be found in the current MEVACO Case Study. Exclusively for retailers, manufacturers and publishers, the case study can be downloaded for free here.

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