International, Familial, Successful – dotSource Wins the i-work Business Award 2019 [On Our Own Behalf]

International, Familial, Successful i-work Business Award 2019
Cecilia-Maria Lang and Christian Grötsch at Villa Rosenthal, Jena

There are many awards. Every single one of them has its justification and you are always as pleased as Punch if you are amongst the lucky winners. Of course it is brilliant when you are »Agency of the Year« or when your clients win top awards in digital business. This motivates and strengthens visions and missions, makes you incredibly proud and makes you want more. Time to step up your game and then try to win awards which focus on soft skills such as the sense of togetherness and the faces behind the scenes. For example the »i-work Business Award«. Therefore, we are all the more pleased that we were able to take home this honourable award yesterday. Thanks to JenaWirtschaft and the Friedrich Schiller University Jena.

International, Familial and Successful Since 2006

We are obviously very pleased that we were able to come out on top against well-known competitors. The three-man company which was founded in 2006 has in the meantime become a large international family that serves clients and oversees projects worldwide. It is an enrichment for all teams that we can work together interdisciplinarily with colleagues from a wide range of areas, but also that everyone of us has his own background – be it personal experiences, education, professional career or origin. All the more reason for us to be pleased that our young family is growing year by year and that everyone of us has the opportunity to grow with his tasks.

Diversity is the future – that’s what we live, demand and promote at dotSource. No matter whether they are from Jena, Madrid, Bucharest, or Seattle: we are constantly working on the further development of our offers for all employees to not only be an employer, but also a home for them in the Thuringian »Lichtstadt« Jena. It is important to us not to provoke any distinction between nationalities. Since our foundation 14 years ago, we have had a positive attitude towards professionals from abroad because they significantly broaden our understanding as well as our views and approaches.

As an employer with strong local roots, it is important to us to contribute to the city’s diversity and to bring international know-how to Thuringia. We open the doors of our agency to more intercultural exchange and support our »newcomers« in many ways because they are the people who give a city its face and make it a strong and attractive business location by using their skills. By offering international professionals the opportunity to work with us on (international) projects, we and our clients not only benefit from a business perspective, but also at a human level in particular.

International and Feeling at Home: It Is Your Home when You Feel Valued

This year, the competition surrounding the »i-work Business Award« was organised by the economic development agency of Jena, JenaWirtschaft, and the Friedrich Schiller University Jena for the third time and was held under the slogan »Economic success through cultural diversity«. The competition was aimed at companies that use innovative concepts and measures to promote interculturalism in a special and exemplary way.

First and foremost, the design of the everyday working life of colleagues with and without a migration background played a decisive role, but the interpersonal aspect beyond working hours was also scrutinised as an award criterion. In order to take into account the different structural, human and financial resources available to the participating companies, the award was presented in two categories: SMEs and large enterprises.

Sara from Spain and Cecilia from Romania are an absolute enrichment for their teams, our company and not least for the city of Jena. They show that home is not bound to one place, but to the feeling that accompanies you when you leave your home base and take roots thousands of kilometres away – not only in private, but also in professional life. To put it differently: they came here to stay.

International on All Channels

But what makes dotSource a home? Mainly our employees, of course. They welcome their colleagues and take new members into our large family. Friendships and good interpersonal relationships are the best basis for settling in quickly.

International professionals who have just arrived in Jena can, if they wish, also receive increased assistance in dealing with authorities or when looking for accommodation. Moreover, flexible working hours offer the opportunity to take language courses. Further training and career opportunities with a special working atmosphere are the standard in our company.

In order to make our culture of welcome visible to others, it is not only our website that is available in German and English: company information for non-German-speaking business clients and English job descriptions for interested applicants as well as targeted personal marketing, including social media, are part of our internationally positioned portfolio.

Our Handelskraft articles and publications such as white papers, case studies, and the annual trend book are published both in German and English.

International, Familial and Always Looking for Likeable People with Good Ideas

Our large family cannot be large, international or diverse enough. Become a part of us and see for yourself. All our open positions in Jena, Leipzig and Berlin can be found here.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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