Integration for a Pioneering Digital Experience – How MEVACO Harmonised Its System Landscape [Success Story]

Integration HK MEVACO Success Story
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It was not long ago that we published an article about our client MEVACO on Handelskraft. MEVACO is the leading supplier of expanded metals, perforated sheets as well as crimped and welded meshes in Europe. With its products, the southern German company provides inspiration for modern architecture – from the façades of large buildings in metropolises to the railings of staircases in small villages.

MEVACO is one of the digital pioneers in its industry: the company has a modern system landscape that has grown in recent years to include many groundbreaking technologies. As a result, the metal manufacturer is able to efficiently digitalise marketing, sales and service processes and process highly individual orders online.

But how can it be ensured that all these system landscape components work well together? Find out more about this trailblazing integration project in our new success story.

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Integration in B2B: MuleSoft Anypoint Platform Takes on Key Role

In a professional system selection process, an evaluation was carried out to determine which type of interface-based integration was best suited for MEVACO. For this purpose, the industrial company once again partnered up with its long-standing digitalisation partner dotSource. At the same time, a modern e-commerce system was implemented together.

In previous projects, a customer relationship management solution and a marketing automation tool from Salesforce had already been integrated into MEVACO’s system landscape.

Integration Platform as a Service: Fast Performance Thanks to Real-Time Data Exchange

Following the system selection process, the two partners decided to work with MuleSoft. The US-American software company can look back on a long history in the field of data integration. Like hardly any other provider of iPaaS (integration platform as a service) solutions, MuleSoft is able to connect heterogeneous components of a system landscape.

MuleSoft has also been part of the Salesforce universe for several years. This was another argument in favour of the solution, as MEVACO had already been using Salesforce products in the fields of CRM, marketing automation and B2B e-commerce.

B2B E-Commerce: Download the MEVACO Success Story for Free Now!

Integration HK MEVACO Success Story

Find out in our new »Multi-Stream Project in the Metal Industry: Perfectly Integrated Digital Platform Using MuleSoft« success story how the requirements elicitation and the implementation of the first-class integration solution unfolded in detail.

Learn more about the

  • development and implementation of a successful integration strategy
  • harmonisation of the system landscape for real-time data exchange
  • 52 interfaces developed and implemented by dotSource
  • integration of two different ERP systems within the unified RMIG and MEVACO organisation
  • training and induction of employees

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