Multi-Stream Project for Tax Software: DATEV Successfully Launches B2C Service [Success Story]

Multi-Stream Project for Tax Software: DATEV Successfully Launches B2C Service
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Filing a tax return is something that causes many people to break out in sweat or makes the hairs on the back of their neck stand up. Accordingly, there is a strong demand for consulting and digital services that make the unpleasant process easier. With KLARTAX and the SmartExperts portal, the IT service provider DATEV has tapped into the B2C target group. dotSource provided support for the launch in the form of a comprehensive multi-stream project.

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Multi-Stream Project for Tax Software: Tapping into the B2C Target Group

DATEV eG is the third largest provider of business software in Germany and one of the largest European IT service providers. Founded in 1966 as the cooperative of tax consulting professionals in Germany, its focus has traditionally been on advising its members. In recent years, however, DATEV has also geared its digital strategy towards non-members. For the B2C target group, a digital service called KLARTAX was developed, enabling private individuals to simply prepare their tax returns themselves and send them to the tax office. In addition, DATEV’s SmartExperts portal makes it possible to get in touch with experts who can help in complicated cases.

Multi-Stream Project: From Content Strategy to SEO

Those who launch a new service must of course ensure that their target group finds out about it. Relevant and high-quality content is essential for increasing the visibility of the products and services offered.

That is why the dotSource team developed a well thought out content strategy for KLARTAX and the SmartExperts portal. In interactive workshops together with DATEV, the most suitable ways of addressing the relevant target groups were identified.

In addition, the digital marketing team of dotSource conducted two SEO audits of the domains and to check their on-page SEO. Subsequently, technical and content-related adjustments helped achieve a better search engine ranking for both websites.

Multi-Stream Project: Innovative Interface and Cloud Migration

Throughout the multi-stream project, DATEV significantly benefitted from dotSource’s full-service portfolio. The digital agency was commissioned to develop a Java interface that connects the KLARTAX service to the payment service provider (PSP) PAYONE and the shop system commercetools. As the world’s first certified commercetools partner, dotSource was able to bring its experience to bear.

Furthermore, the KLARTAX infrastructure was migrated to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform in order to further enhance KLARTAX’s performance. As part of the cloud migration, the dotSource team adapted the entire system set-up to ensure the seamless interaction of all interfaces.

Multi-Stream Project for Tax Software: Download the DATEV Success Story for Free Now!

Multi-Stream Project for Tax Software: DATEV Successfully Launches B2C Service

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