PIM Integration in the Adult Entertainment Industry: How Dildoking Uses Akeneo to Efficiently Manage Its Wide Range of Products [Success Story]

PIM Integration in the Adult Entertainment Industry: How Dildoking Uses Akeneo to Efficiently Manage Its Wide Range of Products
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Incorrect or insufficient product data leads to customers returning ordered goods later on. Not only does this cause dissatisfaction among customers, but it also means additional costs for companies. For this reason, all relevant product information should be complete and comprehensive. If this is not the case, vendors pay a high price.

In order to maintain relevant information with little effort, it is worth integrating a PIM solution. This also offers potential customers an impressive product experience that goes far beyond the presentation on product detail pages. Especially retailers with a wide range of products can benefit from the advantages of a PIM system – just like our client Dildoking. Find out in our new success story how the adult mail order company achieved high product data quality standards by implementing a PIM system from Akeneo.

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PIM with Akeneo – High-Quality Product Data for a Modern Product Experience

Since 2019, the digital agency dotSource has been supporting CLICKPOOL GmbH in optimising the digital channels of its own brand Dildoking. The successful collaboration began with an online shop migration to the latest version of Adobe Commerce. Handling the product data posed a major challenge to the adult mail order company. In addition to high data maintenance efforts, manually entering this data into the e-commerce system caused increased susceptibility to errors due to incomplete information on the products sold.

Consequently, the implementation of a powerful product information management (PIM) system became a priority on the adult mail order company’s roadmap. The company finally opted for the cloud-based PIM solution Akeneo Serenity because of its excellent usability. Another important aspect was the option to define mandatory data fields for all product types by default. As a result, only products with fully completed data fields are transferred to the online shop. This comprehensive product information results in customers making sound purchasing decisions and ultimately being satisfied with their orders.

PIM with Akeneo – Optimised Data Maintenance Thanks to Automation

Another notable advantage of the PIM system is that it offers extensive options for efficient product data maintenance as part of its default attribute set. By means of defined rules, the enrichment of variant products was automated, which, given the diversity of Dildoking’s product range, saves an enormous amount of time. Over the course of the project, data on 22,000 active shop products and their respective assets was imported.

In addition, workflows and approval processes are ideally supported through automated data maintenance and data duplicates can easily be identified. However, in order to make optimal use of such a tool, it is advisable to invest in specific training for your employees. As early as during the implementation phase, dotSource gives you the opportunity to learn how to use a PIM system so that your team can take care of your requirements on their own.

»Single Source of Truth« for Excellent User Experiences

PIM Integration in the Adult Entertainment Industry: How Dildoking Uses Akeneo to Efficiently Manage Its Wide Range of Products

The better, i.e. the more structured, consistent, complete, correct and relevant, your product data is, the more efficiently your company can use this data, save time and money and ultimately establish a »single source of truth«. More importantly, it helps customers find products and obtain sufficient information about them. This way, returns and service enquiries can be reduced.

Find out in our new »PIM System Implementation for CLICKPOOL: How the Adult Mail Order Company Optimises Its Product Data« success story how to

  • automate product data maintenance
  • improve product data quality
  • reduce the number of returns
  • create a seamless product experience
  • train your employees in using a PIM system

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