Handelskraft Trend Book 2023 »Digital Horizon« – Out Now!

Handelskraft Trend Book 2023 Out Now
Download the Handelskraft Trend Book 2023 »Digital Horizon« for free now!

Digital solutions make possible what was long considered impossible: faster processes, lower costs, greater customer loyalty – but not only that!

Companies that know how to take advantage of current business trends and put existing strategies to the test are resilient and capable of overcoming any challenges, no matter how daunting.

In our new trend book, we present the topics that will stand out on the digital horizon in 2023. With analyses and concrete practical examples, we provide you with food for thought and action regarding trends such as D2C, composable commerce and green IT. Download the Handelskraft Trend Book 2023 »Digital Horizon« for free now and secure a successful future!

To the trend book

Handelskraft Trend Book 2023: Setting Sail

New business year, new requirements, new opportunities. In times of multiple challenges, it is important for companies to embrace change and look positively into the future. Only if you modernise existing business models, make sensible use of agile methods and are open to a diverse corporate culture can you keep up with constant change and operate profitably in the long term.

Sustainable Digital Transformation

Companies that take into account both digital and sustainability goals and closely combine the measures required to reach them are three times more likely to be the market leaders of tomorrow.

Why? Because they use digital solutions to achieve global sustainability goals more quickly. This provides your company with a wide range of opportunities to save resources and reduce costs. Taking social and environmental responsibility has also become an essential factor in deciding which company investors and employees want to work with.

Find out in the first chapter of the trend book how you can achieve the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (in short: SDGs) with sustainable digital transformation and how this will pay off for your company in the long term.

Handelskraft Trend Book 2023 Chapter 1
Download the new trend book for free now and become a twin transformer!

The Cloud on the Digital Horizon

A stable IT environment is a must for anyone who wants to achieve digital success. Efficient cloud services enable you to respond more agilely and shorten release cycles. They also promote smooth collaboration between different teams – just like data mesh technology, which facilitates data sharing in companies and improves data-driven work tremendously.

In the second chapter, we show you how to

  • benefit from automated IT processes
  • lower your company’s energy consumption with green IT
  • expand your data expertise
  • leverage data mesh technology
Handelskraft Trend Book 2023 Chapter 2
Download the new trend book for free now and brighten up the weather outlook for your digital horizon!

Strategy & Operations

When it comes to strategy updates, even small steps can have a big impact. Mobility, facility and energy management measures combine economic goals with corporate responsibility. For example, you can minimise the need for long journeys and reduce travel costs with virtual instead of in-person training courses.

In the third chapter, you can find useful tips on how to

  • start your strategy update
  • make a difference with simple measures such as regular maintenance of your equipment or the use of mobility services
  • examine your supply chain strategy
Handelskraft Trend Book 2023 Chapter 3
Download the new trend book for free now and put your digital strategy to the test!

E-Commerce 2.0

E-commerce is no longer just about offering products and services online. Rather, it is about using digital solutions and mobile strategies to provide unique services and strengthen customer loyalty. Circular commerce, inclusive design, D2C and service portals are trends for business models of the future.

Find out in the fourth chapter how to

  • benefit twice from your technologies
  • crisis-proof your customer relationships
  • provide additional services with customer portals and modern payment methods
  • guarantee recurring revenue with subscription commerce
Handelskraft Trend Book 2023 Chapter 4
Download the new trend book for free now and become a trendsetter in 2023!

Technologies & Systems

New challenges call not only for innovative business models, but also for versatile technical solutions. Flexible, scalable and decentralised infrastructures enable your company to respond individually to the requirements of the target audience and implement projects more quickly.

In the fifth chapter, we show you how to

  • stabilise your company’s system landscape with MACH technologies
  • benefit from decentralised infrastructures
  • optimise the work of your design teams with design systems
Handelskraft Trend Book 2023 Chapter 5
Download the new trend book for free now and set up a flexible and scalable infrastructure!

Purpose & People

If your company creates opportunities for employees to further develop themselves, you will benefit from a wide range of perspectives and exceptional skills. Modern executives promote freedom, independence and equal opportunities in their teams.

In the sixth chapter, you can find useful tips and best practices on how to

  • embrace empowered leadership
  • implement New Work methods such as job sharing and workations
  • ensure successful diversity management
  • include people living with impairments
Handelskraft Trend Book 2023 Chapter 6
Download the new trend book for free now and benefit from diverse perspectives!

Handelskraft Trend Book 2023: Beyond the Digital Horizon – Available for Free Download Now!

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