B2B Digitalisation: Cross-Industry Digital Insights for Business-to-Business Commerce [Best Practice]

B2B Digitalisation BP Handelskraft
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B2B digitalisation is becoming a matter of course because digital transformation is changing not only retail business but also business-to-business commerce. »Digital is the new normal« is also true in the B2B sector, where all connections between business customers and suppliers are mapped and analysed digitally. International industry leaders such as Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, KWS, MEVACO and Angst+Pfister are setting standards in terms of customer journey, product presentation and customer communication.

Find out in our new »Digitalisation in B2B Best Practices« publication how your company can become a pioneer shaping the digital B2B future.

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B2B Digitalisation: Effectively Using Data for a Better Customer Experience

B2C strategies and tools cannot be transferred directly to B2B. However, one insight also applies to business-to-business commerce: customer expectations regarding usability, product diversity and service levels are higher than ever before. Only those who are aware of these needs and customer behaviour can respond with an adequate strategy – and then implement it with powerful tools to create the best possible customer experience. Data on how customers behave is available in vast quantities: all components of a system landscape – be it customer relationship management software, the shop solution or the content management system – collect relevant data.

What is crucial, however, is to consolidate this data and analyse it effectively so that the right conclusions for business success can be drawn in a data-driven manner. In our »Digitalisation in B2B Best Practices« publication, you can learn how KWS, one of the world’s leading seed producers, uses a modern BI system to analyse large amounts of data and visualise the results in an appealing way. By using artificial intelligence, different scenarios can even be simulated proactively.

B2B Digitalisation: Reaching Different Target Groups with the Right Marketing Mix

The right management of customer expectations and relationships also plays a fundamental role in trade fair business. A particular challenge here is that many trade fairs and event locations have to serve both B2B and B2C target groups – from exhibiting medium-sized enterprises and catering companies to private individuals who stroll through the exhibition areas on the day of the trade fair.

The example of Messe Erfurt shows you what it takes to reach such diverse target groups – from exhibitors and event visitors to service partners – at the same time. Thanks to an excellent digital marketing strategy, Messe Erfurt benefits from a perfectly tailored mix of social media and search engine advertising (SEA), enabling the trade fair location to position itself as a cutting-edge B2B service provider for meetings and conferences.

B2B Digitalisation: Modern Multi-Channel Platforms in Business-to-Business Commerce

To shape the future of digital customer relationships, the most innovative B2B companies opt for highly integrated multi-channel platforms with perfectly meshing digital cogs. The multi-stream project of the Angst+Pfister Group shows how such user-friendly online portals can be implemented in practice. Modern online shop features such as real-time price and availability queries ensure the best possible customer experience. In addition, connecting the online shop to the company’s CMS-driven website allows for a seamless customer journey.

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen (HDM) also places great emphasis on such a consistent user experience, linking the corporate website to the online shop. With the right set-up, the long-established company is able to manage no less than three dozen online shops operated by its national subsidiaries using a single shop solution, making it possible to take into account regional specifics and individually tailor campaigns.

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Our best practices show a small selection of the many ways in which B2B companies can inspire their demanding customers with powerful and future-proof solutions.

B2B Digitalisation BP Handelskraft

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