Digital Consulting to Build Stronger Customer Loyalty: How Sparkasse Jena-Saale-Holzland Is Increasingly Attracting Relevant Target Groups [Success Story]

Digital Consulting to Build Stronger Customer Loyalty: How Sparkasse Jena-Saale-Holzland Is Increasingly Attracting Relevant Target Groups
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Digital transformation brings with it many changes and adjustments in all sectors of the economy – even in traditional ones such as the financial sector. As a result, financial institutions and banks must not only cope with internal structural changes, but also pay attention to market fluctuations and adapt to changing customer behaviour in order to remain competitive.

Find out in our new success story how Sparkasse Jena-Saale-Holzland made it a business priority to understand its relevant target group and how dotSource helped the company do so.

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Digital Consulting for Better Customer Understanding

When companies know what makes their customers tick, they gain a clear competitive advantage. For this reason, Sparkasse Jena-Saale-Holzland wanted to understand its young target group even better and identify the key factors for building stronger customer loyalty. Following this, a marketing campaign aimed at this customer segment was to be developed. Consequently, the long-established financial institution called on dotSource’s digital consulting services to challenge its previous target group research and ensure a successful outcome.

For this purpose, the dotSource strategy team organised a one-day workshop. The user-friendly and collaborative digital tool Miro was used to structure and clearly visualise the collected ideas and conclusions in the remote setting.

With digital consulting, dotSource can help companies address topics such as change management and data management for decision-making and support them in implementing strategies and analyses of all kinds through agile methods and practical consulting.

Digital Consulting Promises Targeted Segmentation and Eye-Opening Insights

Together with the financial advisors of Sparkasse Jena-Saale-Holzland, the dotSource strategy team created (proto-)personas, i.e. typical members of a target group along with their specific expectations, goals and exemplary user behaviour. Afterwards, their potential customer journeys were outlined. In addition, dotSource and Sparkasse Jena-Saale-Holzland successfully mastered the complex customer segmentation thanks to well thought out proposals from the digital agency.

In order to verify the results from the joint strategy workshop, the responsible dotSource team carried out a sample survey among people belonging to the relevant target group.

Selected people from the relevant groups of interest were asked questions such as »Who still pays with cash?«, »Which financial products are important to whom?«, »Do people still see a financial advisor?« and »Under what circumstances do they do so?«. The results were not only surprising and thought-provoking, but also provided concrete information about the preferences and expectations of the groups surveyed. It was found, for example, that digital products and digitally available consulting services were more appreciated the more professional experience the respondents brought to the table. This enabled Sparkasse Jena-Saale-Holzland to understand what makes its relevant target group tick.

Digital Consulting Helps Strengthen Customer Relationships

Whether it is innovation workshops, workflow optimisations or data science projects: dotSource’s digital consulting services allow companies in any industry to delve deeply into the structural, cultural and strategic changes associated with their digital projects. Based on a modern approach, specific measures are developed to achieve the desired goals.

In the case of Sparkasse Jena-Saale-Holzland, the team of strategy consultants and financial advisors worked out ideas regarding customer expectations and customer journey. These ideas were then structured and tested using a survey with practical relevance – and all this in a pragmatic, time-saving manner. The financial institution can now develop target-group-oriented campaigns and is better prepared for the future in terms of customer acquisition and retention.

Digital Consulting to Build Stronger Customer Loyalty: How Sparkasse Jena-Saale-Holzland Is Increasingly Attracting Relevant Target Groups

Find out in our new »Digital Consulting in the Financial Sector: Modern Marketing Strategy for Increased Customer Loyalty« success story how to

  • benefit from digital consulting
  • create personas and exemplary customer journeys
  • make the most of customer segmentation
  • prepare a campaign aimed at relevant target groups
  • use digital consulting in order to strengthen customer relationships in the long term

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