Here’s how retailers and manufacturers can learn from Singles Day

Source: Alibaba

11.11? Just a time before the holiday rush. But in Asia, this has been a special day for the last nine years. Thanks to the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, the 11th of November, since 2009, it’s also THE shopping event of the year called »Singles Day«. Not only is it the most successful, best-selling deal day of all time, it has also spread internationally and far beyond Alibaba.

In addition to sales records, the immense number of customer interactions, and parcel shipments, there are other aspects that are worth analysing.

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Holiday season is shipping season: How retailers and deliverers are preparing [5 reading tips]

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Christmas time is near. Consumers are buying gifts, retailers are stocking up, and parcel deliverers are gearing up to handle the mountains of boxes and avoid messy deliveries.
What can retailers and manufacturers look out for, make sure their shipments arrive on time and their customers are happy?

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Black Friday Madness: What do retailers need to look for? [5 Reading Tips]


It’s that time of the year, today officially starts Cyber Monday Week and all those great deals. But this week’s highlight will take place on Friday, November 24th, with the start of Black Friday. The end of November is synonymous with a strong Christmas spirit, uncontrollable shopping impulses, and “the best” offers. That‘s today’s normal in Germany, in Europe.

Black Friday ushers in the beginning of the hotly contested Christmas business and has become the biggest discount campaign in online sales throughout Germany. Every year since 2012, the phenomenon breaks all online sales records and boosts e-commerce.

In addition, the power and influence of the online giant Amazon, which has successfully introduced this habit in Europe, are likely to increase. But this stream can also be exploited for personal gain.

What do online retailers have to pay attention to, to succeed, and what can they do to oppose Black Friday?

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Mobile is the determining factor for mastering Black Friday [5 Reading Tips]

Quelle: click_and_photo - Fotolia
Quelle: click_and_photo – Fotolia

Last November, we could certify that the European shopping psyche was turning. The battle for bargains is played online thanks to the uprooting power of the American Black Friday, led mainly by the giant Amazon. Since 2012 his phenomenon has been smashing all online sales records year after year, boosting the e-commerce sector even more.

This year shoppers take Black Friday into account for their Christmas shopping as never before. It is a fact that its influence has changed the shopping behaviour in some countries such as UK and Spain.

Additionally, more retailers increasingly spread their Black Friday promotions over so many days, and some others are joining in the bonanza shopping day. The centrepiece for both retailers and shoppers is undoubtedly the smartphone.

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