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Will transparency lead to more intransparency on Facebook? [5 Reading Tips]

Posted on 16. July 2018 by .
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It was announced in April and has been implemented since June 28th: Facebook’s “transparency” offensive. Since the end of June, all ads on every Facebook page are visible to all users, regardless of their target audience. This not only applies to Facebook itself, but also Instagram, Messenger, and partner networks. This transparency offensive is to force the advertisers to more responsibility and improve the service for all.

But will this decision actually affect marketing and advertising activity on social networks?


From the royal navy to Ikea – Augmented reality’s wide range

Posted on 12. July 2018 by .

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Augmented reality can do more than hide a Pokémon. It enables users to see exciting things that don’t actually exist. A computer-aided expansion of reality will affect our daily lives more and more (and!) make them even easier. Already one or two pioneering companies are relying on AR and are developing exciting products for everyday use cases.


To do, or not to do business with a logistics service provider? That is the question [5 reading tips]

Posted on 10. July 2018 by .
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Source: pexels

Logistics is always on the move. Companies and logistics service providers are always developing new solutions to deliver products not only quickly, but also as conveniently and sustainably as possible. Whether with messengers or robots, with vans, cargo bikes, or drones.

Retailers have been investing in end-customer delivery with their own fleets for a long time. Newcomers with innovative approaches such as the online supermarket Picnic give the industry new momentum. What role will big delivery services still play in the future? Where will parcel service providers develop? Will retailers and brands even expect to build up and offer their own delivery services?

Limitless social commerce – Facebook and Instagram await you with new shopping tools

Posted on 5. July 2018 by .
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A lot of people think »Dang that looks cool!« when they’re looking at photos on Instagram or Pinterest. But until recently, it took a little research – or at least some work – to find and buy the products you saw. As of a few weeks ago, that’s a thing of the past. The “shop-the-look” function for various social channels has an enormous popularity with consumers and Social Commerce has become the norm within a very short time. But as always when a hype arises, so does the question: Is there more to it? Before we could even think about whether to expect something new again. The answer is not surprising, as commercial features on Facebook and Instagram continue to evolve. Each social commerce update awakens desires, desires that become routine within a very short time.


Sustainably working and managing is a must [5 reading tips]

Posted on 2. July 2018 by .
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Source: iStock (Edited by dotSource)

Sustainability is indispensable for companies because the importance of sustainable business for consumers is exploding. It’s no longer enough for retailers and manufacturers to fool around with environmental friendliness; in fact, they must act in this way – and in the long term.

We’re all constantly being confronted in the news with the consequences of uncontrolled overproduction, increasing marine pollution and, last but not least, climate change. E-commerce has changed and simplified our lives, but has also created a cityscape of vans and garbage cans full of packaging.

Companies often rightly wonder if they can continue to grow without harming the environment. The answer is yes, but the risk that RSC strategies will remain mere lip service is high.


Digital twin: Virtual industrial facilities as a superlative for the optimisation of marketing, distribution, and services

Posted on 28. June 2018 by .
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The digital transformation constantly enriches us with new buzzwords and challenges. Internet of things, okay. Digital twin, wait, what? What’s behind future concepts? Are they really as revolutionary as they seem?

Digital twin means much more than the mere virtual representation of a physical product. With the help of the digital twin, not only the physical elements but also the dynamics and processes behind them can be virtually mirrored. The benefits of this virtual representative cast a promising light on the horizon of new work.


Voice search: Hype or reality? [5 reading tips]

Posted on 25. June 2018 by .
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Source: pexels.com

Right now searching by voice is a trendy topic. Studies and surveys are flooding the media with tons of data about the expansion of voice search’s market acceptance. This data predicts a future in which the voice will be the main interface (opposite the screen) for each activity. There is talk of an SEO revolution that has triggered hysteria among SEO managers (but don’t panic)!


Can you reach goals faster and cheaper with agile project management?

Posted on 21. June 2018 by .

Source: pexels.com

When talking about project management, the phrase »agility« cannot be ignored. A quick look at Meriam Webster gives »agilie« the following definition: “Marked by ready ability to move with quick easy grace.”

Consequently, the lean philosophy behind agile project management promises a flexible way of working away from the rigid system of the waterfall model. Of course flexibility sounds great Nevertheless, there are also some risks behind the modern way of working. In the end, the crucial management question arises: Can you reach goals faster and cheaper with agile methods?


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Is the future of open source development in danger? [5 Reading Tips]

Posted on 18. June 2018 by .

Developers are worth as much gold because nowadays almost every company is developing something digitally. The influence of software developers is growing in this increasingly digitised world, in particular, thanks to the success of open source communities that jointly develop innovative solutions and software code. Decisions made there determine value creation and growth in all industries.

This developer community is guided by three principles: Decentralization, collaboration, and transparency. It’s noteworthy that Microsoft, which previously rejected open source software, has now taken over GitHub for $7.5 billion.
The software development platform GitHub is the world’s largest code hosting service with 28 million registered developers. In 85 million repositories, developers, and companies (such as Apple, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft) host codes, documentation, and even entire projects.


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Digital Transformation: Hot Air vs. Best Practice

Posted on 14. June 2018 by .

Source: pexels

Digital is better! In fact, in 1995 the band Tocotronic’s debut album made that claim with their album name. Kind of ironic, considering that at the time, cell phones were as big and heavy as bricks. Just a few years later, Boris found his way to the internet. “Am I already in it or what?” He asked naively, pointing the way to the digital future. Then the dotcom era, during which network pioneers were sure that digitisation would go quickly.

But that couldn’t be further from what happened because technical innovations were geared towards an exponential growth of computing power through computer chips. It was only a matter of time before we could only remember the analogue, grey past. Unfortunately, it’s often said that in desperate times, reality doesn’t keep up with our visions. In the broad spectrum of digital transformation, for example, you move between a lot of hot air and not enough visionary best practices.


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