Merry X-mas-perience to You – Handelskraft Wishes You a Merry Christmas

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Handelskraft and dotSource wish you a Merry Christmas!

Experience here. Experience there. Barely any other word appears more often in our everyday work, in our research, in our Handelskraft articles and all the other publications. And that’s a good thing because in the end, we as private individuals also benefit from it if everyone involved in Digital Business always strives to provide a first-class experience. All the more when you quickly need to do your Christmas shopping before it is too late. The website has to perform, the shop has to work and same-day delivery has to be available.

Merry Customer Experience

Whether it is CRM, PIM, CMS, digital marketing or UXD (the name says it all here) – everything that systems, processes, procedures and responsibilities in e-commerce should and must achieve can ultimately – if well done – be broken down into the holy grail of experience over and over again.

Shopping has to be an experience, just like everything before and after it. Yes, even before we even know that we want to buy something, we are provided with experiences full of inspiration, advice and tips. Without experience, there is no commerce. Simple as that.

And even after we had the chance to EXPERIENCE first-class shopping, the »Everything for the customer experience« mania does not stop. We can return articles, have contact persons who are available 24/7 because they are AI-based and do not have private obligations, and real sales and service staff which has more time for real customer service thanks to less workload through automation and digital assistants. By liking, sharing and commenting, we create new experiences for others and (ideally) help brands with their big picture of customer experience. Long live user-generated content!

Merry X-mas-perience

However, the experience mania does not only affect the people responsible for CRM, PIM, CMS, digital marketing or UXD, it also continues after successfully designed customer experience, after shopping with first-class experience because customers are aware of the magic of experience as well. Therefore, giving away experiences is also at the top of this year’s Christmas shopping list. Cooking course instead of socks, canoe trip instead of perfume. The best thing about it? Even last-minute Christmas shoppers can still buy experience gifts in good time because it is a permanent trend that thanks to digital possibilities, vouchers always work and even spontaneously.

According to a representative survey conducted by the consulting firm Ernst & Young, one out of two Germans plans to gift these self-printed vouchers. It remains to be seen whether the experience of unpacking this type of gift is any good, but the added value that the recipients gain instead is enormous. First and foremost quality time. For themselves and/or together with their loved ones.

And this is exactly what it is all about: valuable time. To come down, to switch off, to take a deep breath.

The Handelskraft and of course the entire dotSource team wish you a merry Christmas, time for you, your loved ones and your individual X-mas-perience 2019. ? ❤️ ? ?

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