Safety First. Trust Too. Thanks to Its Content Commerce Platform, Britax Römer Achieves Both. [Success Story]

Britax Römer Success Story
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People are becoming more and more mobile. Airplanes, cars, high-speed trains, buses, e-bikes… the distances to be covered are increasing not only for adults, but also for children – yes, even babies are travelling more than previous generations.
Whether on foot with the pushchair or by car with a child car seat: it is the top priority for supervising adults to transport their small children as safely as possible from A to B.

Britax Römer Kindersicherheit GmbH has specialised in this field and has been one of the market leaders for almost one and a half centuries. Römer was already founded in 1871 in Southern Germany. In 1971, the renowned European family-owned company was formed by a merger with the British company Britax Childcare.

How does the tradition-steeped company master the digital change? Which successes and added value does the manufacturer of child safety products achieve through an innovative platform that combines content and commerce? The brand new success story tells you all about it.

Safety First. Modern Content Commerce Platform Second.

Britax Römer manufactures child car seats, pushchairs, buggies and bike seats. In Germany, the company holds a market share of 40 per cent; it is also one of the global market leaders.

Britax Römer products often accompany children on their journey home from the birth centre or hospital the day after birth. This means that expectant parents have important consumer decisions to make and think about buying the right carrycot or the right pushchair.

Information is particularly valuable in this regard. The corporate website is set up as a content commerce platform. This means that lots of content related to child safety products is merged in a user-friendly way with options such as showing nearby retailers or having the desired product delivered directly from the B2C shop.

Safety First and an Ideal Customer Journey

Britax Römer already had had an online shop based on Salesforce before the cooperation started. Accordingly, the cooperation started with an extensive analysis of the existing system, known in the jargon as a code review. Based on the insights gained, it was necessary to develop a roadmap for cooperation and to prioritise the to-dos.

It became clear that services such as conversion rate optimisation and digital marketing would be particularly important in order to further optimise the customer experience and increase the platform’s visibility online.

Making Safety First Visible

As a result, the international and multi-language platform was updated in the last few months and the shop architecture was continuously optimised so that the content and the commerce area perfectly harmonise with each other.

Professional conversion rate optimisation further improves the user experience and effortlessly guides the customer through the checkout process. Modern digital marketing with integrated, innovative tools such as Tealium ensures high visibility of Britax Römer in all languages.

Safety First. Success for Good.

Britax Römer Success Story

The platform’s customer journey deliberately aims to not only sell products via its own B2C shop, but also to explicitly refer to nearby business partners who take the time to properly advise happy parents on child safety issues.

Find out in our brand new success story how Britax Römer ensures an ideal customer experience with its new B2C platform based on Salesforce Commerce.

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