E-Commerce Know-How to Go. Five Examples, One Message: Succeeding with the Right System & Digitalisation Partner [Best Practice]

E-Commerce Best Practices
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The doorbell is ringing. The heart is pounding. The parcel service driver is sweating. The customer is shouting with joy. It is the penultimate scene of an everyday spectacle: we have ordered something online. After the delivery time has been kept as short as possible, we now want the product to bring us joy for as long as possible. However, it is not only in B2C that online shops have long been the main distribution point for goods. This form of commerce is also playing an increasingly important role in B2B. Time to take a look at some positive examples. How do those who are successful online do it?

Our new »Best Practices« publication format provides you with the necessary practical insights. After our best of PIM, we release part 2 today. It is all about e-commerce – in B2C, B2B and B2B2C.

E-Commerce Best Practices at a Glance

Whether it is industry, retail or media & publishing: in our new format, we present informative cases to show how to become successful with e-commerce systems. Those who have analysed the market and selected and implemented the right e-commerce system will benefit in the end.

After all, customers want convenient user experiences and an impressive design. They want lightning-fast load times as well as reliable information on prices and availability – and Google wants the same!

E-Commerce Best Practices – Encouraging Examples

E-commerce today is more than just running an online shop. The trend is towards a digital experience platform that covers all areas of marketing, service and sales. In order to not only hold their own against the competition, but to shape the competition, companies must constantly evaluate their own e-commerce strategy and prepare their shop system – and all corresponding elements of the system landscape – for the platform age.

E-Commerce Best Practices – Smart Data for Successful Entrepreneurs

E-Commerce Best Practices

Find out in our new »E-Commerce Best Practices« publication how hessnatur, Röchling, InsightCommodity, PRECITOOL and C.H.BECK achieve lasting success in e-commerce.

We describe how system selection processes and migration strategy consulting helped the companies even before the implementation of systems and which challenges were overcome during the projects.

We also explain what added value the companies now get from the e-commerce projects and how they increase performance, productivity, traffic and turnover.

As different as the industries and systems are, as uniform is the quintessence for digital success. E-commerce is a must today – in B2C as well as in B2B and B2B2C.

Get the quick win for digital success, learn from others and start with the »E-Commerce Best Practices«: Shaping the Future of B2B and B2C Commerce.

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