“Content is…” - oh shut up!

“Content is King” – this statement seems to be the standard wisdom for many companies, agencies, and freelancers. which means exactly…? Irrelevant. What is more important is that you can’t just leave it at “content is King”. Many authors feel they need to elaborate: “Content is King, but Distribution is Queen”. This is still ok. But whoever believes that ‘great’ metaphors are the end of the story is going to be bitterly disappointed.

Yay for Content

Content, content, content – this is the only way to success for a website, product, or brand. Bill Gates already new this in 1996 when he first said “content is King”. The world is becoming more complex, as Gate’s saying. I made the effort and looked around to see how my fellow bloggers, and other journalists, are reinterpreting the saying “content is king”.

Every kings needs a queen, right?
Content is King, but Distribution is Queen.
Content is King, but Context is Queen.
If Content is King, is Social Media Queen?
Content is King, Distribution is Queen, and she wears the pants.
Why Context is Queen and Content Marketing can no Longer be ignored.

But this doesn’t seem to go far enough for God-fearing people.

If Content is King, then Context is God.
Content is King; Commerce is the Queen and Context is God.
Content is King, the screen is Queen and Context is God.

But what is with the rest of the court?

Content is King – But Context is Queen and Technology is the Royal Household!
If Content is King and Distribution is Queen, then Context is the Prince!
If Content Is King, Who Is the Heir?
Content is King, and Context is its Crown.
Content may be King; but Content Distribution is the power behind the throne.

…not to forget the rest of the kingdom.

Content is King! Context is the Key to the Kingdom!
Content is King – Context is Kingdom
Content is a Republic.

If the serfs aren’t happy, the critique falls on the Kings.

Content is King, but Context is everything!
Content is King (but Context rules).
Content is King, Context is King Kong. (My absolute favourite)

Game of Thrones Fans know all about it: sooner or later the king is killed *couch* replaced. It’s not different for the Content King.

If Content is King, Context is the Emperor.
Content isn’t King.
The Content King is dead.

The heirs are not always clear.

Social Media is King.
Conversation, not Content, is King.
Content is King. No, Context is King. Which is it?
Why Context (Not Content) is King.

We’d love to see some more “content is King” jewels in the comments!

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