Together Is Better – A Story of dotSource’s 300th!!! Employee

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dotSource celebrates its 300th employee!

New decade, leap year, the benchmark for several forecasts: 2020 is something quite special – even for us although the new 20s have barely started. We just started into the new year, celebrated the agency birthday and now it is already March again. The month of Handelskraft. Incredible. Not only the conference anniversary in Stuttgart makes March 2020 so special for us, but also this combination of numbers: 2020 – 300 – 30. You may remember ? The time has officially come. We have achieved our first goal: 300 employees in 2020. Whoop Whoop!

Together Is Better: Team Application Not Only Brings the 300th Employee

And the story behind the 300 is something very special, too. We told you: 2020 packs a punch! In fact, the 300th employee is not a lone fighter, but part of a team.   The first team application and recruitment in the history of dotSource not only breathes fresh air into the agency premises in Jena. The team surrounding the 300th dotSource employee comes from the beautiful city of Dresden – and it also wants to stay there. Not a bad idea. Sounds like we found our fourth dotSource location! Hallelujah!

Together Is Better: New Work & New Rooms

But let’s take it one step at a time. After getting to know each other and job interviews in Dresden, things got straight to business when meeting again in Jena: the team had to develop a small shop system within one day. Not only did the team fulfil this task, but it also exceeded the expectations and thus convinced dotSource of its qualities.

After the first team recruitment, everything went as usual: onboarding, getting to know teams, the dotSource boot camps, mentoring and lots of input! While the team from Dresden gets a taste of the dotSource and project atmosphere here in Jena, the search for a suitable office in Dresden is in full swing. Until the new premises are officially inaugurated, the new team sets up its camp in a co-working space at the Altmarkt in Jena.

Being flexible, simply trying out new things – whether humankind, space or technology: well, if this does not perfectly describe New Work … We are extremely happy that our young, large family now officially has 300 members. Not only because we have got considerably closer to completing our Mission to Mars, but also because it has proven once again that even the biggest goals can be achieved with the right attitude – and with a 360° team spirit. Simply smooth.

Together Is Better and Successful

And we are sure that it won’t be long before we can tick off the final number of the 2020-300-30 sequence. Because those who feel good achieve great things, and also do great work. We are all the more pleased that our new team is feeling comfortable, has the feeling of »having done everything right« and will be fully motivated to help write the dotSource story from Dresden in the coming weeks. Because after the Mission to Mars is before the Journey to Jupiter. New goals, new challenges – but we will also overcome these together. Whether via team applications or the »classic way«.

However, not only the numbers we are aiming for pose a challenge because with all this growth – whether financial or in terms of employees – it is much more important not to lose our spirit. Therefore, we must and want to work together. You are wondering what we are doing to achieve this? Have a look here, drop by and become a part of our teams in Jena, Leipzig, Dresden and Berlin. This way!

We are looking forward to meeting you! Maybe together with your team? ?

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