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Search Engine Advertisement isn’t rocket science, but is can get complicated enough. Efficient use of the available advertising budget should have highest priority. But there has to be a clear structure right from the start for this, e.g when it comes to multi-client centre accounts.

You have to identify the relevant leaver and make the right controlling decisions. This happens on the basis of enough data, which should be the foundation of every well-planned AdWords campaign. Multi-client centres (MCCs) can be helpful here for instance, as they also help you get a good overview. But what else does a successful AdWords campaign have?

Account- and campaign structure

Ideally, the structure of an AdWords account is based on the structure of the website to be advertised. Generally, this allows you to achieve a relevance oriented set-up. What is more, this approach normally makes the downstream keyword research processes and landing page identification easier.

With multi-domain sites, e.g. online shops with different language version on different top level domains or subshops, you should use a so-called multi-client centre. You can maintain a dedicated account per domain in this. Change-over effects regarding the quality factor, for instance because of the different performance of the various (country-/sub-) shops, can be avoided in this way. A separation of display and search campaigns is also recommendable for the above mentioned reasons, as well as for account clarity.


Because some of the possible settings (language, region, ad timing planner, device selection etc.) are only available at the campaign level, the basic structure should be well thought-out from the beginning. Future scalability without the hassle of rebuilding, should also be taken into account.

Beispielhafte Kontostruktur bei Verwendung eines Multi-Client-Center-Kontos und mehrerer regionale Accounts.
An exemplary account structure with the use of a multi-client centre account and multiple regional accounts.

The approach results in an account structure for online traders and shop operators which is about equivalent to the hierarchy of website navigation – from the main devision into product groups to the granular product/product-type cluster of the advertisement level. Depending on the portfolio, it may also make sense to orient the structure around product and brand names here.

Suchergebnis für generischen Suchbegriff mit relevanten Treffern
Search results for generic search terms with relevant hits

When it comes to the advertisement level, it is important to collect thematically matching terms in a group to ensure relevant advertisement indicator assignment. An ad-group for fridges for instance, should include all relevant key words (fridge, fridge with freezer, fridge-combo, Bosch fridge, built-in fridge etc.) and the corresponding ads.

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