Psychology over QR Codes: the Handelskraft Berlin breakfast 2015 [recap]

Without question, Berlin belongs to the top cities of our Handelskraft e-commerce breakfasts. We were drawn to the capital  for the third time and once again, had a pleasant and successful event. Together with Martin Groß-Albenhausen and 25 guests, we discussed cross-channel marketing.

The focus was on how not to loose customers with a channel changeover. This problem is still approached technically too often in e-commerce: will the customer follow a QR code? It is worth printing a voucher on billboards?

Martin Groß-Albenhausen posed the hypothesis that moving the customer psychologically is more important than the technical means when it comes to changing a channel. It turned out that the discussion on media disruption is a lot older than the topic of cross-channel. After all, every media has its own peculiarities.

For instance, the reader of a flyer invests more time than someone who glances at a billboard in passing. This means that they can certainly both contain similar content, but the details have to be adjusted. The flyer voucher code can consist of cryptic letter combinations because it gets put in your trouser pocket, while the equivalent on a billboard has to be obtainable in a second.

A clear call to action is central for everything. What follows a media disruption, what awaits me, what do I have to do here? So how do print media have to be designed in 2015 to excite interest and meet the expectation of the digital customer? Our guests, representatives from brandnooz, Konsolenkost, Modulor, myToys, and Rakuten through to Storck, are now a lot wiser. We thank all those who participated, our partner Adobe and Martin Groß-Albenhausen for the exciting morning!


More events this year:

We are looking forward to three more breakfasts, two of which tie in directly with well-known branch events. Dr. Kai Hudetz (IFH Cologne), Jochen Krisch ( and Martin Groß-Albenhausen (bevh) will join us as speakers. There will then be a private breakfast for our regular clients.

  • 10.09.2015 – Munich (before the K5), with Martin Groß-Albenhausen
  • 15.09.2015 – Cologne (before the BE:INSIDE und dmexco), with Dr. Kai Hudetz
  • 22.10.2015 – Zürich, with Jochen Krisch

Registration is now open via our homepage.

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