Berlin, Berlin, now we’re in Berlin!

“The sky’s the limit” was already our motto when we emplyed our 100th staff member. New, larger projects, like Grohe, Joyou or Lensbest are raising our staff requirements, which is why we have now opened an office in the capital, which even Kraftclub would think was awesome if they visited.

Unser neues Büro liegt zentral in Berlin!
Our new office in the centre of Berlin!

Our clients won’t just find us in the centre of Jena, but also at Pappelalle 78/79 in East Prenzlauer Berg. Berlin is not only the start-up Mecca of Europe, but also an important location in the e-commerce branch. That’s why we are happy to be part of this vibrant city. We will also be better able to reach our north German clients from our new location.

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At the next event in Berlin on the 24th of April, Martin Groß-Albenhausen from the federal e-commerce and online trade association (bevh) will speak on winning customers in the digital age: understanding optimising cross-channel journeys. Free registation here!

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