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Handelskraft Conference 2018 – Get your Ticket now! [Last Call]

Posted on 14. February 2018 by .
Handelskraft Conference Munich

Handelskraft Conference on the 20th of February 2018 in Munich – Get your ticket now!

On the 20th February, the time has come again: With trends, best practices and new impulses, we are finding new paths for successful retail. Get one of the remaining tickets for Handelkraft 2018 in Munich and look forward to visionary keynotes and inspiring sessions, stimulating exchange and a fascinating supporting programme.


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Intel’s smart glasses – will the smartphone be replaced soon? [5 Reading Tips]

Posted on 12. February 2018 by .
Intel Vaunt Smartphone Ablöse

Source: The Verge

In the last decade, the smartphone has become an everyday companion for excellence. The growth of computing power and storage, coupled with mostly reliable internet access, has allowed an app and services ecosystem to thrive with little competition.

But despite ongoing improvements, much of the recent innovations in the smartphone environment are more incremental than revolutionary. Does the smartphone have to give way to another universal companion in the near future?

Big hopes are already on wearables. But rather so far, smartwatches have prevailed as an extended arm to the smartphone. Switching to a tiny screen on your wrist is not an easy step, especially since there’s something to be desired in terms of usability.


Strategy rumor mill: What are Apple, SAP, and Microsoft doing this year?

Posted on 8. February 2018 by .
Grafik:Star Trek

Photo: Star Trek

Everyone knows someone who has an iPhone. Everyone knows someone who has a device running Windows. Everyone knows someone who uses SAP products at work. So far so good. When it comes to digitising, you can’t really teach SAP, Apple, and Microsoft that much. Nevertheless, all three companies have, in recent years, slept on something.

And in different areas. While Apple has driven their in-house car project against the wall, Microsoft is still trying to become top of the class in the gaming industry, and SAP dreams of a relaxed life in the cloud. 2018 could be the year of major strategic decisions for these three big players. Which acquisitions, decisions, or ideas can we expect in 2018?

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The digitising of retail branches requires a technical masterpiece [5 Reading Tips]

Posted on 5. February 2018 by .
Quelle: Zara

Source: Zara

Physical locations, whether a pop-up store, showroom, or full-fledged flagship, are starting to gain importance again. Especially as marketing and service channels. Modern locations are digital, intelligent, and unique. They offer value to the customer through a skilful combination of staff and technology, that each channel could not reach by itself. Zara gets it, and demonstrated that they do, by opening their first ever temporary pop-up shop in London.

What do stores offer their customers? What are, currently, the biggest challenges being faced and what solutions are already being implemented?


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»Using trends – spotting them and acting on them – can be a simple and powerful way for businesses to use change to their advantage« – Handelskraft Speaker David Mattin in Interview

Posted on 1. February 2018 by .
David Mattin (Grafik: dotSource)

David Mattin (Graphic: dotSource)

At the Handelskraft Conference on the 20th of February 2018 so many new paths to successful retail will be discussed. With trends, best practices, and new impulses, we want to talk about real business and tell real stories about the digital reality and its challenges.

This reality is deeply influenced by the change and the increasing automation and digitising of all processes and relationships in everyday life. As a result, communication between consumers and brands will continue to evolve, increasing customer demands and expectations.

In fact, David Mattin (TrendWatching) will tell us in his session at Handelskraft Conference 2018 «Digital Innovation for Humans – Four Digital-Fueled Consumer Trends for 2018 and Beyond» how crucial AI will be in a connected world and how to cope with the flood of new innovations and mega-trends we can all use on a daily basis, use them to strengthen our own company.

But even this new status quo has effects that companies should not ignore. In an interview with Handelskraft, David Mattin explains which consumer trend will be particularly influential in 2018 and why retailers should keep an eye on them.


GDPR: It’s about time!

Posted on 30. January 2018 by .


With new privacy guidelines, it’s like the holiday season, which is certainly a bit for everyone to get caught up in: It keeps being brought up, that people want to escape the stress of shopping by buying presents earlier and earlier. And the result? Right: You’re running with shoes on through a mall that’s way too full, because it’s the day before Christmas Eve, hands full with wrapped gifts and thinking: Next year I’m buying my gifts way earlier!!!

In the General Data Protection Regulation’s view, which has been around since the 24th of May 2016, many companies appear to have fallen into the same vicious circle. For over 18 months, you could have at least just thought about implementing the standards of the GDPR. But even in this case, everything’s rushed and overwhelming, just like shopping in the mall on the day before Christmas Eve: Despite the stress and a “last minute” preparation you spend the holidays in peace and quiet.

So that our Handelskraft readers can spend the 25th of May 2018 in peace while their customers’ data is protected, we have to answer questions like “What is the GDPR?” and “How do I implement all this?” – as concisely as possible in relation to the EU’s new privacy policy.


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WhatsApp for Business: The final conquest of mobile moments? [5 Reading Tips]

Posted on 29. January 2018 by .
Quelle: pexels.com

Source: pexels.com

After months of speculation WhatsApp finally announced the release of their business app: WhatsApp Business. This will enable SMEs to build even closer customer relationships and facilitate customer contact. And that’s just when consumer behaviour becomes more mobile and brands are trying to capture those mobile moments.

Handelskraft Conference 2018: Mobilise. Digitise. Profit!

Posted on 25. January 2018 by .

Source: dotSource

Credit: dotSource

The future of business is undoubtedly digital. At the Handelskraft Conference on the 20th of February 2018 in Munich, we want to mobilise retail, talk about real business and tell real stories about the digital reality and its challenges – with trends, best practices and new impulses.
Retailers and manufacturers must break new ground to assert themselves against the competition in the market: Business models must be adapted, strategies rethought, and technical platforms developed further.
No digital project has to follow a straight and narrow path – most of them are more reminiscent of an adventurous off-road track. In order to reach the checkpoints, you need the right equipment and knowledge. This is what we want to offer our participants at the Handelskraft Conference.
Furthermore, live simultaneous English translation will be available for our international guests for the first time!


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Don’t Panic! The new Facebook algorithm makes us even better! [5 Reading Tips]

Posted on 22. January 2018 by .
Quelle: pexels.com

Source: pexels.com

Facebook has once again changed the rules of the game. Its algorithm is now taking a new approach. Facebook classifies the content of friends and family members as more relevant, compared to the content that brand and media pages publish. The direct consequence is a lower organic reach and the first impression that arises is that years of hard work on building up one’s own audience and community wasn’t worth it.

But don’t panic, there are some bright spots: The opportunity to get better and make users happier. How do marketers have to react? What alternatives are there? What can brands and the media do to neutralise the effects of this update?


Cryptocurrencies – What’s behind the sudden boom? [5 Reading Tips]

Posted on 15. January 2018 by .
Quelle: Pexels.com

Source: Pexels.com

Cryptocurrencies and the technology behind them, the blockchain, have been what everyone has been talking about for months.  Terms like bitcoin, ether, token, decentralisation, and smart contracts are no longer unknown to most people.  Meanwhile, in the last six months, the number of different coins (over 1,400) are booming and their stock market value has quadrupled. This is currently leading to a cryptomania with an uncertain future that feeds the speculative bubble around digital currencies.

But not all everything about this quick development is positive news.  For example, the Minister of Justice in South Korea recently announced that he wants to ban the trade of all crytopcurrencies. Shortly thereafter, however, the Minister of Finance contradicted this statement. As a result, on Friday, prices fell by almost 20 percent.

This raises the question of whether this is just a hype or the beginning of a revolution…

Quelle: Statista

Source: Statista


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