Best-of-Suite for the Best CRM: INNIO Relies on Salesforce Multi-Cloud Solution for Optimised Service Processes [Case Study]

Best-of-Suite CRM INNIO Salesforce Success Story
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The digital age is an age of inflationary superlatives. The best customer approach is more important than the largest product range. The best service beats the lowest price. The best user experience beats everything anyway. No matter which added values it is about, the fight for superlatives is justified because the company that offers the greatest added values will prevail in the end.

But how, for example, does one achieve better or even the best service and thus more quality in customer relationship management? In the current »INNIO Uses Next-Level CRM« success story, we show how even the most complex IT landscape can be turned into a platform that withstands the superlative mania and at the same time offers the best prerequisites for future-proof digital business.

Best Products and Services for Generations: About INNIO

INNIO has a diverse product portfolio which, just like the company’s services, has stood for quality and economic efficiency for decades. INNIO currently provides life cycle support to more than 48,000 delivered gas motors worldwide.

Until November 2018, INNIO was owned by General Electric and was part of its Distributed Power business. After the acquisition by Advent International, the product brands Jenbacher and Waukesha merged, but remained independent units. Under the umbrella brand INNIO, both product brands supply customers in more than 100 countries across different industries with innovative solutions for power generation and gas compression.

Best-of-Suite: From Migration Project to Platform Vision

INNIO is already very well-positioned in the field of digital transformation. In particular in the field of IoT, the company has already had successful use cases with the asset performance management solution (APM) »myPlant«.

Over the course of various acquisitions and not least within the context of digital change, INNIO’s IT infrastructure has undergone and continues to undergo comprehensive transformation. INNIO used the acquisition by Advent International to address the »big picture«: a platform strategy as well as the standardisation and harmonisation of all applications and processes in the areas of sales and service together with its partners.

Best-of-Suite: All-in-One with the Salesforce Multi-Cloud Solution

Because INNIO had already used Salesforce Sales Cloud, the expansion of the portfolio to include Salesforce Service and Salesforce Community Cloud was the next logical step.

The Salesforce solution from a single source offers the following advantages:

  • A shared back end
  • All systems access the same data
  • Role-specific filtering and processing of data and to-dos
  • Less coordination effort
  • Higher data consistency
  • Optimisation of internal processes
  • Quick and flexible adaptability to possible changes and spontaneities
  • Working with a single provider for sales and support
  • Saving time and resources

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Best-of-Suite CRM INNIO Salesforce Success Story
In our new »INNIO Uses Next-Level CRM – Salesforce as a Strategic Platform for a 360-Degree View of the Customer« case study, you can find out which challenges INNIO and the dotSource team faced when replacing the old and highly complex IT infrastructure and which benefits the Salesforce best-of-suite solution offers INNIO for current and future projects.

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